Announces Service to Deter Drunk Drivers from Getting Behind the Wheel is rolling out a new, free service to ensure roads remain safe and clear of drunk drivers.

Wichita, KS, January 12, 2010 --( As we finish yet another holiday season full of family, friends, and celebrations, is rolling out a new, free service to ensure roads remain safe and clear of drunk drivers.

Through SMS text messaging, the site currently alerts potential drivers of upcoming sobriety checkpoints in 20 different states. As mentioned, it is a free service and users can subscribe easily by visiting, and providing their phone number and geographic location. Alternatively, users can send a quick text message to 41411 with the message “crucialtext subscribe city state county” to sign up for the service as well. The site also hosts tips, a BAC calculator, laws, and other relevant DUI information. stresses that the purpose of their system is not to alert drunks to take alternative driving routes in an attempt to avoid checkpoints. Rather, in the same manner that the sheer presence of checkpoints discourages drivers from getting in their cars, Crucialtext takes the impact a step further by providing exact, pinpoint neighborhood checkpoint locations.

“When you hear about an abundance of sobriety checkpoints in a given area, your natural reaction is to make the decision to keep your drinking at a minimum. Or, you make sure to designate a driver for the ride home,” says founder Ed Hernandez. “It is our primary purpose to ensure drunks stay off the road, and we can do this by informing the general public that checkpoints are planned and present.”

Some states have already successfully implemented similar systems to broadcast DUI alerts. The South Dakota Department of Public Safety did so in early 2009, and has already seen a huge positive response from its residents. However, their system is expensive to employ, dissuading some states from taking the initial financial plunge. Crucialtext is not only free for end users, but it is free for local Law Enforcement authorities to put into practice as well.

“People fail to realize that they are potentially making a deadly decision when they get behind the wheel while under the influence,” Hernandez goes on to say. “It shouldn’t have to take the knowledge of police presence to stop them from getting in their cars. But, our feeling is if that succeeds in keeping roads safe, then we need to exploit that fact.”

For additional information on checkpoint text alerts, visit Authorities can send an email to to sign up for free alert broadcasting.

Ed Hernandez