Relaxation Beverages Solve Stress in the New Year: Popular New Year’s Resolutions Reveal a Stressed Nation

Dallas, TX, January 13, 2010 --( As millions of Americans watched the ball drop in Times Square, they said “good-bye” to a stressed-out, unhealthy 2009 and “hello” to healthy resolutions in 2010.

After the economic turmoil and tension of 2009, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that relaxing and reducing stress emerged as one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions according to a recent survey conducted by TD Ameritrade and Opinion Research Corporation. Respondents also resolved to make other healthy lifestyle changes including eating better and exercising.

“Consumers have told us that they are over-caffeinated and stressed out. They want something to help them unwind and stay focused without getting drowsy. We’re satisfying consumer demand, that’s why Vacation in a Bottle has emerged the leader in the relaxation segment,” says Travis Hollman, creator of the popular functional beverage.

Recently the relaxation beverage category has exploded leaving many to believe that the energy drink era is now behind us. ViB Holdings LLC, manufacturer of Vacation in a Bottle, is reporting a 252-percent increase in sales for 2009 and predicting a very busy 2010 as they expand distribution.

“Vacation in a Bottle has been very well-received in every new market we launch. The bottles start flying off the shelves once consumers try ViB and learn about its healthy benefits,” explains Hollman.

Vacation in a Bottle’s popularity stems from its main ingredient L-theanine, the same amino acid found in green tea. ViB is also full of healthy B-Vitamins and has the L-theanine equivalent of drinking five cups of green tea.

In 2009 Vacation in a Bottle expanded distribution throughout the Southwest and Pacific Northwest regions of the U.S. adding 69 distributors as well as major retail outlets including Albertsons, 7-Eleven, Fred Meyers, Jacksons, Racetrac and QuikTrip.

“This past year has been very significant in defining our brand and the relaxation category. We expect the momentum to continue through 2010 and throughout the new decade” adds Hollman.

Vacation in a Bottle can be found at local independent retailers, select national grocery and convenience stores and online at

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About ViB
Dallas entrepreneurs Travis Hollman and Johnny Dela Valdene know a few things about fun. Right on the heels of their hit toy, The Marshmallow Shooter, the funpreneurs are at it again with their latest creation, ViB (Vacation in a Bottle).

ViB [pronounced Vibe] is leading the next drinkable trend: the relaxation beverage. Hollman and Valdene launched ViB after seeing a growing backlash against the energy drink market. ViB’s main ingredient is the amino acid L-Theanine, the same ingredient that gives green tea its calming effect. Combined with other amino acids and B-vitamins, ViB is a low-sugar, no caffeine, lightly carbonated beverage that relaxes, while increasing focus and concentration.

And, ViB has tremendous star power behind it. Singer and actress Jessica Simpson says, “Vacation in a Bottle is the most refreshing surprise. With my crazy schedule ViB helps me to relax and stay focused. I feel less stressed and more balanced after just one.

Who doesn’t love to go on a vacation! I can be there every day with Vacation in a Bottle.”

ViB has been the relaxation beverage of choice in many late night and reality show green rooms. Celebrity investors include: Cincinnati Bengals sensation Roy Williams, Dallas Stars’ Forward Mike Modano, Dallas Mavericks’ President Donnie Nelson, Phoenix Suns forward Amar’e Stoudemire, and Green Bay Packer Great, Marco Riviera.

ViB is available nationwide at major retailers including 7-Eleven, Arco AM/PM, QuikTrip, Albertsons, United Market Street and many other independent retailers nationwide.

For more information about ViB and ViB Holdings LLC, visit or follow ViB on Twitter @drinkvib. Or, visit their official fan page on Facebook at

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