PureTravel Announces South Africa Tour Operators Live on Website

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Norfolk, United Kingdom, January 15, 2010 --(PR.com)-- PureTravel is excited to launch the new dedicated South Africa travel section which is now offering the traveler the opportunity to experience a number of individual tours in South Africa that are supplied to the traveler directly from a dedicated tour operator who has recently joined forces with PureTravel.

The tours that are now offered to you sit among hundreds of other tours that are meant to keep you interested when experiencing South Africa. The PureTravel website has just launched in the recent months with the purpose of providing you with the best adventure holiday possible. These tours are provided to you directly from members of the South Africa country and these are the places that you actually wish to visit.

To make it as simple and direct as possible, PureTravel has contracted with a number of local tour operators who have been carefully assessed by the PureTravel Company and have passed their qualifications as a tour operator and PureTravel is using their services to provide you with the best tour as possible when visiting South Africa. The tour operators are fully knowledgeable about the areas that you will be visiting and are qualified to teach you about the history of the area as well as offering tips to be used. Since you are using a local tour operator who is booked through PureTravel you are allowing the local community to prosper from you booking the tour operator directly allowing his money to go back in to the South African community.

Each visit to South Africa offers a inspiring adventure filled with a number of activities that you booked specifically. When visiting the PureTravel website you will be prompted to enter the activities you wish to participate in when visiting the South Africa area. Since PureTravel offers a large number of tours, you will have a number of different tours to choose from. You may be able to book a safari tour as well as choosing a deep sea diving expedition tour. No matter what you are interested in, there is a tour option for you. The policy that PureTravel goes by is “Go Direct, Save Money and Give More Back.” The policy of PureTravel enables a good working relationship between the traveler and the PureTravel Company as well as the tour operator.

For more information on PureTravel please visit the website http://www.puretravel.com/Guide/Africa/Southern_Africa/south_africa or contact PureTravel direct at 5a Market Street, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 9BZ or contact within the UK on telephone number 0845 299 7456 or from outside the UK on 44 (0) 845 299 7456.

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