Taking “Do No Harm” Seriously: How One Scrubs Brand Redefines That Timeless Oath

Dallas-based sustainable apparel manufacturer Greenology USA launches its first national brand dedicated to the healthcare market, dNh Do No Harm™, a line of green, antimicrobial scrubs for women and men, in stores now.

Dallas, TX, January 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Taking their start where medical professionals begin, with the Hippocratic Oath, dnh Do No Harm™ is serious about protection. dnh Do No Harm™ promises to Do No Harm to the wearer, to the patient and to the earth. Caregivers across the medical industry can now find scrubs that mirror their personal commitment.

dNh Do No Harm™ scrubs are functional, durable, comfortable, fashionable and earth friendly. The dNh Do No Harm™ scrub fabric uses highly effective and permanent Smart Silver™ antimicrobial and anti-odor protection technology. SmartSilver™ optimizes the natural, safe antimicrobial properties of silver by reducing it to invisibly small silver nanoparticles which can be integrated at the molecular level to provide permanent antimicrobial and anti-odor protection. Simply put, SmartSilver™ doesn’t wash off; it doesn’t wear off; it doesn’t get diluted or neutralized by sweat or non-chlorine detergents. SmartSilver™ works – safely – for the life of the garment.

Instead of using regular polyester in the fabric, dNh Do No Harm™ uses Repreve™ which is made from recycled materials. So, instead of converting crude oil into petroleum-based polyester, dNh Do No Harm™ is conserving the planet’s finite resources. On average, every pound of recycled polyester yarn conserves the equivalent of a half-gallon of gasoline. And, each scrub top and bottom uses approximately 10 water bottles that otherwise would end up in landfills.

Importantly, the components of dNh Do No Harm™ are third-party certified by Oeko-Tex® to be free from harmful levels of dangerous chemicals.

dNh Do No Harm™ scrubs come in basics and fashion styles including colors and prints. All dNh Do No Harm™ scrubs make use of deep reinforced pockets for functionality and durability. Women’s scrubs are available in XS-XXL and men’s styles are available in S-XXL. The scrubs retail for $23.99-29.99 per piece.

Do No Harm
Dina Dunn