Beauty Blogger Launches iPhone Application

Atlanta, GA, January 17, 2010 --( Shay Young, who runs a blog- “Mod Goddess The Pragmatic Beauty Addict,” has become a media early adopter and developed an iPhone app to allow fans to keep up to date on blog posts and Twitter updates while on the go.

Currently the blogger iPhone app arena is still emerging but most likely to become a popular method for reaching fans across numerous media platforms. Blogger and media gurus such as Seth Godin, Chris Brogan have also launched blog iPhone apps and allegiant fans seems to be adopting this innovative way to engage readers on a mobile platform.

It’s not known the exact numbers of bloggers who’ve launched iPhone apps, but the number is likely a relatively small handful. An even smaller handful would be beauty bloggers who’ve embraced the technology as early adopters.

Beauty and cosmetic companies, however, have utilized the iPhone platform to engage their audience in the past. Media brands such as Seventeeen Magazine, Lucky Magazine (Condé Nast) and Elle have already launched iPhone apps which provide a variety of ways to access their content.

Mod Goddess is a blog focused on product reviews, skin care tips and tricks, makeup technique secrets and special deals on major beauty brands.. The blog covers makeup that works, debunking grandiose product claims and generally helping readers learn how to get the most from their beauty budget.

Mod Goddess is located at and you can download the Mod Goddess iPhone app at the Apple iTunes App Store as well.

Mod Goddess
Shay Young