Skin Care's Top 5 Myths: What’s True or False Concerning Your Skincare?

Skincare News Magazine states the true and false aspects of five skin care myths.

Sacramento, CA, October 20, 2006 --( Skin care myths are numerous and so common that even some dermatologists and other skincare experts have trouble distinguishing which ones are real and which ones are rumored myth.’s latest article, “True or False? Top 5 New Skin Care Myths Worth Knowing!” addresses five of these issues and lays out the truth once and for all. 

Covering the topic of skin care myths isn’t new and while there are plenty of articles that either prove or disprove certain myths, this article makes sure to address myths that may not be so common: 

1. Using Vitamin E Helps Heal Scars. A lot of people (including myself until recently) have been led to believe that Vitamin E is the cure all for scars. A lot of publications released the information that Vitamin E was the prime skincare ingredient when it comes to fading scars quickly and effectively. “Known” for smoothing the skin more rapidly and taking away the harsh appearance of the scar, skin care pros now know that not only does Vitamin E not help, it can also cause further damage! Vitamin E is guilty of causing further inflammation in the skin, and making the scar more apparent, rather than helping it to take a background role. It can also cause contact dermatitis, which means in basic skincare terms – red and itchy skin! 

With all the awareness of UVA and UVB rays and their effect on damaging the skin, the article also addresses the sometimes-confusing concept of SPF: 

4. SPF Makeup Is The Same As SPF Sunblock. This statement could not be more untrue. While makeup that contains SPF are fantastic and helpful, the amount of makeup you wear is not usually proportionate to how much sunblock you need. The SPF rarely covers your entire face, and it leaves some of your skin open to burns, premature aging, and other skincare issues. Skin care products such as makeup also do not carry a long lasting formula, so unless you are reapplying your makeup every few hours, you will not get the same SPF benefit as you would with sunblock. And even if you are obsessive about your skincare and appearance, it still will more than likely be inadequate. SPF makeup should be a supplement, not a sole resource. 

When it comes to skin cancer there are a lot of unanswered questions and assumptions, which can be deadly. This important myth is also pointed out as well: 

5. Skin Cancer is Genetic. While genetics occasionally come into play, about 90% of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure. Don’t just worry about your skin care colliding with the sun during the summer months. Having fun in the snow and on cloudy days can impact your skin as well. You need to be including at least an SPF 30 into your skin care routine if you spend an hour or more outside daily. SPF 15 is only good for you cubicle bums! 

According to skin care expert, Samantha Peterman, it was important to pick myths that aren’t talked about everyday. “There are so many myth articles about using toothpaste of pimples, Vaseline on eyelashes, etc. But it’s still important to discuss the myths that may not be as widely known, but are probably being incorrectly followed by a lot of people.” covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles that also mention ethnicity and skincare:

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