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What does xDefine mean? As we know, X can be anything and anyone; it is the user that decides what X is and gives it a definition.

Orange County, CA, October 20, 2006 --(PR.com)-- xDefine (www.xDefine.com) today announced the public launch of a social networking community that gives members the power to create and run their own pages and uses shared life experiences to connect people for support, new friendships and personal growth. xDefine’s insistence on member powered pages enables discussion, music sharing, networking, finding old friends, coworkers and people sharing the same common ideas and thoughts of all topics, allowing greater personal growth and deeper connections between members than traditional social networks.

xDefine features the member profiles, “friend” networks, and messaging typical of other social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook. However, in sharp contrast to these other sites, members of the xDefine remain always in power, and connect to other members through friendships, connecting them to music, videos, forums, jobs and other experiences in life.

“xDefine is a place where members can make new and meaningful connections based on who they are, not who they know,” says founders Amin Sultani and Adrian Stoica.

“The inherently public nature of traditional social networks severely limits their depth, generally relegating their members to reinforcing already existing relationships through superficial banter. xDefine liberates members to explore all facets of their lives without fear of embarrassment or retribution, while facilitating new and deep connections between people who understand each other by virtue of having common experiences or would like to share ideas with friends that are going to face that same situation.”

“xDefine is actually a very good social network play. It's all about life experiences, and sharing and it's designed around empowering users. Overall I think this is a strong and useful service…as it makes sense for people to identify themselves by what they've done, and what they will share with friends and groups.”

Stories form the basis of xDefine’s communities, with members sharing memories and wisdom about the events they find important in their lives. The experiences on the site cover the entire scope of human life, from the serious, such as coping with diabetes, to the whimsical, such as memories of a first kiss. As members share experiences, the site allows connections with other users that have similar backgrounds.

xDefine can be found at http://www.xDefine.com

About xDefine
xDefine (http://www.xDefine.com) is a free online social community that connects members with common life experiences for advice, support, and friendship and allows them to share music, movies, images with their own blogs, events, pages and ideas to share with friends and community members. The site allows and empowers members to sponsor a comfortable environment where members can freely discuss topics important to them without fear of limitations and being controlled.

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Adrian Stoica

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