Surge in Demand for Vanuatu Employment Website

Porrt Vila, Vanuatu, January 19, 2010 --( Started in only August last year Wok i Kik now has close to 700 email subscribers for their job alert service.

Priscilla Samson, Employment Services Manager, heads up the Wok i Kik team “We are seeing a surge in demand from people using the internet to find a new job. Wok i Kik has had a 500% growth in subscribers in only 3 months!

“Its exciting, we have nearly 700 people who have signed up to receive the job emails and we are getting lots of positive comments. We have over 500 jobs on the website already.”

Wok i Kik, run by Youth Challenge Vanuatu, allows users to sign up to receive a job alert email 2 to 3 times a week that contains a summary of all the job vacancies in Vanuatu.

“If you see a job you like just click the link to go to our website that has all the details you need to apply. It’s really simple and easy to use.” said Ms Samson.

“We have had all sorts of different people signing up so far to receive the email” said Ms Samson, “youth looking for their first jobs, people already working but wanting to change jobs and students studying overseas that want to see what jobs there are when they come home. We have over 100 returned overseas graduates now using Wok i Kik.

“We are witnessing a growing number of people in Vanuatu with access to a computer and the internet either through their work, internet cafes or youth centers. This website can now reach a lot of people.”

Wok i Kik has formed a key alliance with the Independent which will run a weekly column with a summary of newly available jobs.

“The aim of the Wok i Kik column is to make the Independent the one stop employment newspaper for Vanuatu” said Independent editor Bob Makim.

“I’m delighted to have Youth Challenge running this service with funding provided by Oxfam Australia and the ILO and support from the Department of Labour”, said Youth Challenge Country Director , Sandra Moore, “Wok i Kik makes it easier for employers to advertise a job vacancy and easier for people looking for work to find out about these vacancies.”

If you would like to get the Wok i Kik email just go to and fill in the form with your email address.

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