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Vienna, VA, October 20, 2006 --( The world is constantly changing and people’s lives are more hectic than ever before. This is especially true for most mothers. Whether they are classified as stay at home or they work outside the house, the demand for a mother’s time and attention is higher than ever. With most activities being outside the home it can become difficult attending to the smaller children while participating in activities involving their older counterparts.

Jennifer Sprague and Katie Thompson have developed a solution to this problem. Together they created All Natural Mommies, which is a one-stop shop for numerous natural products that can help relieve the stress of everyday life. They carry everything from cloth diapers, complete with their own cloth diaper hotline to carriers, ponchos, and diapers bags.

The newest and most popular addition to this line is a spin off of the familiar Mei Tai. This baby carrier is extremely popular in the parenting world but up until now it has been just a carrier. Sprague and Thompson realized that the Mei Tai was a convenient carrier, however it could be even better with a simple added feature. By placing a button on each strap of the carrier a busy mom can now carry a much-needed nursing blanket that serves several uses. Each blanket is approximately 25”x 25” and its primary use is to cover mom and baby during the nursing process. This blanket is also large enough to serve as a small play mat, diaper-changing pad, stroller cover or lap pad. Each Mei Tai also comes with an optional drawstring at the bottom for a more secure fit, and many other options for customizing so that each carrier is suitable for each customer’s specific needs. Customers who have purchased this carrier have rated it a 5 star product. It is also rated the best on the market today.

With the winter months approaching every mom needs a way to cover both her and the child. All Natural Mommies has created a 100% fleece poncho especially designed to fit over any carrier that is available on the market today as well as mom. This is made possible by its exclusive “V” shaped neckline that allows any mother to carry their baby in the back, front or on their side/hip area. This poncho is also fully equipped with a hood designed to fit either mom or baby.

All the products available through All Natural Mommies can be customized to each customer’s specific needs. Their experienced customer support staff will seek out fabric in any pattern, design or color to fit each unique request. They can also add padding to straps and make items smaller or larger.

All Natural Mommies is dedicated to educating and assisting mothers with all their questions, concerns and needs regarding their exclusive line of natural items. To learn more about this fantastic product line please visit or you may contact them by phone at (703) 938-0380 or by emailing

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