The Marriage Manual: Can Your Marriage be Saved by a Valentine’s Gift?

In a society over-saturated by media and technology, is there any room for romance?

Lago Vista, TX, January 19, 2010 --( The traditional Valentine’s Day gift has become so clichéd that many couples forgo the practice entirely. Ask anyone over the age of 21 who has been in a relationship for any length of time, and they will tell you that they are frequently stumped by the concept of a gift that will convey the right message and is not the ordinary chocolates, flowers, or an evening on the town. The point of the holiday in the first place is to convey to that special someone that they matter more than anyone else.

Women report that their spouses groan when the Valentine’s Day advertising begins. Men frequently end up just giving up or giving in. Either they do nothing and claim it’s a bogus, commercially motivated holiday anyway; or they just buy the candy or the flowers (both if they are feeling flush) and plan to do better next year. Flowers wilt; candy gets eaten. What has actually been accomplished to make the relationship stronger with these consumable goods?

Couples want to create lasting romance in their relationship, but many have no idea how to accomplish this feat; staggering divorce rates attest to this fact. People are bombarded with ideas and books to try to keep the flame alive. They resort to expensive therapy, or they may do nothing and just hope that it works out for the best. Awareness of the need to “work on your relationship” is there, but the simple handbook for how to do that has been as elusive as a good $2.00 bottle of wine... until now.

The Marriage Manual presents a wealth of practical, fun, effective ways to keep the romance alive. This slim volume (63 pages) offers concrete and easily understood steps that couples can take to ensure that their relationship meets the needs of each party. Interviews with hundreds of married couples form the foundation of this useful guidebook, which is written from the perspective of the woman in the first half, and from the perspective of the man in the second half. The Marriage Manual covers the bad habits most couples practice over and over (that tear them apart), how to communicate effectively with your spouse, and what your spouse really needs from you. The ideas are straightforward and honest; not overblown or too detailed to follow on a daily basis.

BJ and Laurie Woodward are launching The Marriage Manual on February 2nd 2010 through, offering purchasers a 24-hour window to order the book and receive numerous valuable gifts including ebooks, audios, coaching, spa packages, artwork and much more.

About BJ & Laurie Woodard:
Laurie Woodard graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Psychology. As author of The Marriage Manual, she fulfills her life mission teaching others how to have a wonderful marriage. After a failed marriage and a beautiful daughter left without a "family", Laurie promised herself she would never go through that again. Five years later she met the man with whom she intends to spend the rest of her life. BJ Woodard is a successful computer consultant. His experience interpreting business needs into solutions was invaluable in expressing what men need into a language that women understand. As co-author of The Marriage Manual BJ shows you how to stay connected to your “better half”. After ten years together BJ and Laurie practice their own advice and want to share it with you.

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The Marriage Manual
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