Project Unity - Save Haiti Now

Based on the recent earthquake in Haiti, Project Unity created a cause to support the relief efforts in Haiti.

Tacoma, WA, January 20, 2010 --( Lanakila Washington and Reginald Ross came up with the idea to create a project that would lend support to the recent earthquake that occurred in Haiti. They named the project, Project Unity - Save Haiti Now. The new goodwill cause purpose is to raise funding to support the relief efforts for Haiti.

Wristbands were designed and made representing the colors of the Haitian flag. People wishing to support can also get one of two photos from Lanakila's collection. They look forward to getting the word out about their cause and allowing the opportunity for people of all walks of life to help Haiti regain their strength.

The founders of the project had this to say, "We are very concerned about the people of Haiti. The earthquake that they experienced was the worst natural disaster this world has seen and we are committed to supporting in anyway we can." Project Unity was created a day after the quake struck Haiti and will remain in operation until assistance is no longer needed. Project Unity looks forward to its continuous efforts in giving support to people in need.

Project Unity Save Haiti Now
Lanakila Washington