Offers Free Online Auctions Until April 1st the leader in "commission free" online auctions is looking to increase its market share in by offering free online auctions until April 1st.

Young America, MN, January 20, 2010 --(, the “commission free” online auction site where it costs only $1 to auction anything from cars and houses to merchandise and more, is offering online auctions for free for the first quarter of 2010.’s Vice President of Marketing Tanya Knisely said "During these tight economic times everyone needs a break and we want to give them one by offering our online auctions for free. It’s a real win - win offer. People that want to sell something get a great deal and when they see how easy is to use, we increase our market share."

As the most cost effective way to auction online, looks to increase not only its auction presence but its storefront division as well. Knisely continues, “Whoever has inventory and needs to reach local, national, even worldwide customers like car dealers, real estate agents and heavy machinery dealers etc can market their inventory online in a Zipady Store for as little as $20 a month with no commissions or fees.”

As a leader in flat rate online auctions, eliminates fees and commissions that other online auction sites charge. “We are so convinced that people are tired being nickeled and dimed by paying fees and commissions that we built our business model on it” says Knisely.

$1 to auction anything is really good but free is better and is free until April 1st.

Click and see, it’s easy to Zipady.

Kenny Stevens