LED Light Boxes from LightBoxes.us.com Are Energy Efficient and Long Lasting

LED light boxes are powered using the latest breakthroughs in technology to offer bright, even illumination that will last for years to come.

Bristol, RI, January 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- LightBoxes.us.com, a DisplayShops specialty site, presents LED light boxes in a variety of sizes. LED light boxes feature bulbs that last over 100,000 hours (when used 24 hours, 7days per week). This adds up to over 11 years of consistent use without changing a bulb. Additionally, LED light boxes are energy efficient, boasting 40% in energy savings over traditional light boxes.

“Unlike standard light boxes that use fluorescent bulbs, these LED light boxes have cutting-edge LED lighting technology,” explains Weston Porter, webmaster for LightBoxes.us.com. “These LED frames illuminate your graphics from the side for stunning, edge-lit visual displays that will attract attention anywhere.”

LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs are increasingly being used for lighting technology. Although LED frames are initially more expensive than other lightboxes, the benefits associated with LED light sources more than outweigh their price tag. These advantages include lower energy consumption, a longer life span, as well as a much thinner profile. These LED light boxes offer strong, even illumination in frames that are less than an inch thick.

“LED light boxes are very easy to maintain and consume much less energy than other models,” continues Porter. “Because of their long life spans, LED light boxes are permanent advertising display fixtures in airports, transportation stations, malls and stadiums.”

LED light boxes give your promotional advertisements the attention they deserve. LightBoxes.us.com is a leading supplier of energy efficient, long lasting LED light boxes for retail and commercial use. Visit the site for more information as well as a complete overview of the pros and cons associated with the LED light boxes and other illumination products.

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