The Blume Community Joins the Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Development Program

The Taylor Properties Group recently registered the Blume Community as a member in the Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Development Program. The 360 acre property has been used for various forms of agriculture for nearly 100 years.

Harrisburg, NC, January 21, 2010 --( The Taylor Properties Group is a commercial real estate firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in land sales for development and investment. The firm, already an International Sustainability Council (ISC), and Audubon Lifestyles Platinum Member, has recently registered the Blume Community in the Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Development Program.

Audubon Lifestyles is a non-profit organization based in the International Sustainability Council’s Principles for Sustainability, and believes that the most natural way to foster sustainability is by working to balance the triple bottom line of people, profit, and planet. Operating with the main purpose of benefiting society, Audubon Lifestyles delivers sustainable programming, services and certifications that are cost effective and reduce risks to the environment.

The Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Development Program was created to assist any planned development project seeking to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, create healthy and productive environments, and to inform the public, residents, guests and employees about the benefits of developing sustainably.

“As the country is in the midst of economic turmoil it is great to see projects like Blume continue to move forward,” stated R. Eric Dodson, President and CEO of Audubon Lifestyles. He continued by saying, “This is particularly true, given the Taylor Properties Group’s commitment to building sustainably. This project will be a true demonstration of sustainability, and an example of how economic viability can be leveraged as the foundation upon which environmental and social betterment can be enhanced within a community.”

The 360 acre property has been used for various forms of agriculture for nearly 100 years and the Blume Community plan will ensure agricultural activity will continue to play a significant role in the sustainable lifestyle for its residents. Audubon Lifestyles believes that Blume presents an opportunity for Harrisburg, NC to become a leader in the sustainability movement.

Bob Taylor, President of the Taylor Properties Group has totally embraced the Principles of Sustainability as espoused by the International Sustainability Council and is working with Audubon Lifestyles during the planning and design phase in an effort to achieve the Certified Audubon Lifestyles Design designation for the Blume Community.

“I believe that Blume is much more than just another typical home development. At Blume we are focused on creating a sustainable lifestyle that will certainly include quality homes, but in addition will include agriculture, recreational, and shopping opportunities that minimize the need for vehicle use. Additionally, the community will offer other nature focused amenities that will make Blume a model for sustainable development in the region,” said Taylor.

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