Free BOM Scrub Downloads of MRPRO Capabilities Enable Seamless Compliance with Latest Regulatory Lists

Papros Inc.'s download offers free BOM scrubs when parts information is available in XML or Excel. This will ease the regulatory burden for many companies who face tough times in the current economy.

San Jose, CA, January 20, 2010 --( Green leader Papros Inc. today announced new free BOM scrub functionality downloads that can help companies scrub their BOMs against the latest regulatory lists. Papros Inc.’s free downloads are enabling seamless compliance for companies facing global product environmental compliance regulations. More sophisticated features such as the capability for calculating detailed product carbon footprints can be purchased.

Its BOM scrubbing capabilities are offered free for download in a limited version. Heavy duty users needing more advanced capabilities and ability to handle larger BOMs (free limited version can handle 100 parts per BOM list) can, if they desire, buy an upgrade. The limited version can also do rollups of parts compositions in a BOM. The download site is:

The free downloads from Papros Inc. offer interfaces for accomplishing the tasks in a manner that, in, efficiency is unparalleled by any other software or service offering from any company or trade group consortium. Clearly, the focus of Papros Inc. for more than twenty years in the green business shows its mark.

MRPRO offers the spreadsheet interface for Material/Substance Declarations in addition to industry and W3C compliant XML formats for the data.

By seamlessly exchanging data on the web or the desktop, the entire web is the database for MRPRO and the spreadsheet is the interface. MRPRO thus provides native support for cloud computing.

MRPRO supports Design for the Environment by easily exchanging product footprint, obsolescence information and due diligence communications in the realm of Montebello Agreement, REACH, RoHS, RoHS-like (China, Korea), JMOSS, WEEE, EuP, AB 32, Green Chemistry Initiative, Extended Producer Responsibility and other emerging regulations. MRPRO enables compliance by full support for data conforming to EIA (supports the latest JIG), IPC, JAMP, JEDEC, SAE and F2725. Its spreadsheet interface enables easy conversion from the multitudes of spreadsheet formats for the exchange of product or parts data. By enabling conformance to specific industry and cross-industry standards, MRPRO supports a complex supply chain that encompasses electronics, aerospace, medical devices, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and a multitude of more sectors. MRPRO offers unparalleled robustness in developing substance declarations for components, assemblies, electronic products, light and heavy duty industrial goods and equipment, commercial machinery and also for other consumer products.

Papros Inc. offers an unique suite of products to support a whole series of product, part and raw material information collection, maintenance and use in a highly automated manner. The products support both list based and risk based approaches for chemical management in products, and also enable a greener footprint at the enterprise level. This is done by enabling companies to track not only material composition, but also environmental footprint information such as wastes created, or air emissions including greenhouse gases during the entire lifecycle or in specific phases of use, from raw material to end of life. Each footprint parameter is assigned a code. Thus various exposure routes for different use scenarios for the same substance can be offered unique codes. This data lends itself to commonly accepted risk evaluation modeling. Footprint rollups also include the methodology for Greenhouse gas emission aggregations, which is done efficiently in the program.

Thus companies can calculate product carbon footprints for the various phases of product development, processing and use in a very efficient manner right now.

Papros Inc.’s products offer robust performance, scalability and efficiency for tracking green chemistry in products as well as for carbon footprints. They enable these features in a manner that protects companies' valuable IP as well in a manner that offer the companies many choices, and do not restrictively hold the companies' data captive in any manner, enabling easy exchange, as and when desired, of the data.

About Papros Inc:
Papros Inc. has been committed to providing Total Environmental Management solutions to US and International companies. “Optimizing the Greenback and the Green Environment” has been the slogan of Papros Inc. since its inception more than twenty-three years back. Based in San Jose, California, Papros Inc.’s solutions span the entire spectrum of Environmental Management and feature tools to enable corporations worldwide to deploy and manage product environmental lifecycle data in a manner that is efficient, easy-to-use and economic to support the infrastructure needed for manufacturing, and for rapid changes in product design. Papros Inc. has helped hundreds of entities, that list including several fortune 500 companies, federal, state and local governmental organizations and other smaller entities as well, manage their environmental lifecycle data. This includes computations for product footprint declarations, as well as facility level data management for emissions into air, liquid discharges and offsite shipments, solid waste disposals, and for alternatives assessments to identify and drive optimized performance.

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Shobana Sundaram