“Cure Back Pain Forever” is Fighting the Back Pain Epidemic

Chronic back pain has reached epidemic proportion. Traditional medicine excels in treating pain, but has been almost useless in curing it. Sensei Adam Rostocki is one the front lines of this epic battle. Sensei celebrates the release of his newest book, “Cure Back Pain Forever.”

New York, NY, October 21, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Noted author and back pain scholar Sensei Adam Rostocki has unveiled his newest resource for back pain patients. Sensei’s latest book, “Cure Back Pain Forever,” is now available on Cure-Back-Pain.Org. The website is an alternative view to the causes and treatments of common back pain conditions. It offers a firsthand patient’s view of the back pain experience, rather than the hundreds of sites operated by doctors, drug companies, and product manufacturers.

Sensei Adam Rostocki suffered with chronic back pain for 18 years before finally finding a cure for his pain. He used that time to research back pain in unrivaled detail. Sensei has used his position in the insurance investigation field to go behind the scenes of the healthcare industry and see how the typical treatment protocol has perpetuated back pain in many patients. Sensei has made the elimination of back pain his life’s work.

Cure-Back-Pain.Org has also recently launched an interactive question and answer forum that allows patients to ask all their back pain related questions, and receive an objective answer. This resource is finally a way for patients to get the information they so desperately need without having to endure the sales pitch of a proposed treatment.

Cure-Back-Pain.Org is community dedicated to ending back pain. The site is known for its no nonsense critique on the current state of healthcare.

Sensei Adam Rostocki
General information can be found at www.cure-back-pain.org
Sensei’s book is at www.cure-back-pain.org/cure-back-pain-forever.html

Sensei Adam Rostocki