Debbie Ford to Present at Holistic Treatment Conference

International holistic expert, Debbie Ford, will present at Foundations Recovery Network’s Holistic Treatment conference in Las Vegas in April.

Brentwood, TN, January 22, 2010 --( Debbie Ford, internationally recognizing as an expert in the field of personal transformation, will speak at Foundations Recovery Network’s (FRN) “Holistic Treatment: Changing the Way We Look at Recovery: Body, Mind & Spirit.”

Ford is a writer, teacher, coach and internationally acclaimed workshop leader and trainer. Her mission is “to empower people to become the conscious designers of their lives and to create outer circumstances that most clearly reflect their heart’s desires.”

As a New York Times #1 bestselling author of such books as The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Spiritual Divorce and The Secret of the Shadow, Ford has been an expert featured on Oprah and Good Morning America as well as the expert coach on ABC’s Ex-Wives’ Club. She also hosts a weekly radio program on HayHouse Radio.

The Shadow Effect

Ford is most recently known for her movie, The Shadow Effect, which came out June of 2009. Through this film, Ford helps viewers uncover the power underneath the surface of their conscious mind, or their “shadow self.” The shadow self is the hiding place for a person’s most disliked thoughts, emotions and impulses. Ford believes that by embracing fears and uncovering past wounds, a person can step into their greatest potential.

To demonstrate this movement, people who have gone through and overcome tragic circumstances by using Ford’s method share their stories. These stories include the Holocaust, child abuse and racism to name a few. Through sharing their stories, we see by facing their terror each individual was able to heal old and current wounds and embrace their heroic selves to overcome the shadow effect.

In this film, Ford is joined by other provocative thinkers like Deepak Chopra, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, Marianne Williamson, founder of the Peace Alliance, and many other holistic leaders. Together they seek to illuminate the freedom in accepting each person’s story.

Holistic Treatment Conference

At FRN’s holistic treatment conference, Ford will present Wednesday, April 28 at the Holistic Treatment Fair. After her talk, attendees will have the opportunity to experience a variety of holistic methods such as guided meditation, hyperbaric chambers and learn about topics such as amino acid and vitamin therapy brain scans.

If you’re in the area and would like to hear Debbie speak, you can purchase an individual day ticket for the Holistic Treatment Fair at

For more information about this conference or to register, please visit or call 877.345.3360.

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