Controversy Surrounds Name of Used and Secondhand Web Site

Online auction industry tries to force name change on used, secondhand, and collectible web site named $#!

East Lansing, MI, October 22, 2006 --( It’s all in name or so thinks Arjay Bulock, general manager and spokesperson for $#!, a marketplace web site that enables users to buy, sell, or trade used, secondhand, unusual and collectible items online. Launched in August, the site has drawn a storm of criticism about its name from industry insiders.

“A secure, safe, and enjoyable experience for customers shopping for used and secondhand items is our number one concern at $#!,” said Bulock. “There’s nothing in the name of our site that prevents us from delivering that promise to our customers.”

Critics of the site, many which have attempted to force a name change upon the business, claim that the name of the site is lewd and offensive and reflects poorly on the highly competitive online auction, used and secondhand industry. “There is a sense of propriety in doing business online,” stated a staff member from a competitors online auction site.

“Come on,” said Bulock. “One person even accused us of being redneck potheads. Don’t these people have any sense of humor? The name of our site is used in a vernacular sense the way people use this word every day: like ‘that’s great ---t, or get a load of this ---t’. In writing class I think we called it a “non-pejorative” use for the word – meaning something good, not bad. It’s a great marketing hook, isn’t it? What name are you going remember: Ebay, Wagglepop, Blujay, Ecrater, Ebid, Bid-A lot, Highbidder, OnlineAuctions, or $#!T4less? We’ve received a lot of flack over the name of the site but most of it comes from envious competitors, really.”

In contrast to prevalent auction sites, $#! is designed for everyday users who want to quickly sell used and secondhand items without the necessity or bother of an online auction. Users can post a wide variety of items for sale such as antiques, appliances, art, literature, music, clothing, computers, electronics, furniture, games and toys, household items, photography, tools, RVs, sporting goods, vehicles, and even heavy equipment.
“There’re no auctions that over inflate the cost of used products, over sophisticated multi-million dollar online storefronts, or “e-tail entrepreneurs” selling close-out products for a 300 percent profit at our site.” said Bulock, “Just plain folk who want to get rid or buy used, second hand, unusual, and collectible items at a fair price without hassle. If our competitors or critics think that’s lowbrow or uncultured, they’ll need to get over it. We’re not changing our name.”

Arjay Bulock