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White boards have dry erase surfaces allowing multiple uses on a daily basis. These white boards feature rounded edges making them safe for use in a school.

Bristol, RI, January 23, 2010 --(, a DisplayShops specialty site, presents a new selection of white boards. These white boards feature dry erase surfaces to be used over and over again. They also include magnetic surfaces to allow the option of mounting additional materials alongside marker presentations. The white boards are fabricated with anodized satin aluminum and feature rounded edges for added safety and style.

“These presentation displays are the white boards to use in classrooms with small children,” explains Marcus Miglio, webmaster for “Their rounded corners provide the safety necessary for use in a school or educational environment.”

The white boards are available in a selection of sizes, ranging from 24" x 18" to 96" x 48", with several in between. They are meant to be used in a variety of environments including schools, restaurants, and corporate offices. Employing white boards to convey messages is eco-friendly as the use of paper for memos and other notices will be minimized. You are able to communicate your messages visually through drawings and colorful text.

“The white boards will help communicate lesson plans, sales reports, menu items and much more,” continues Miglio. “Using white boards is just another way for your company or school to be more environmentally conscious by not wasting paper.” offers white boards in several sizes and styles to suit your business and educational needs. As a leading supplier of white boards, cork boards, and other bulletin boards, offers fast shipping and low price points. Visit the site as an excellent resource for white boards and bulletin boards for offices, classrooms, and more.
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