Marala Scott Recognized as One of ‘Twenty Outstanding Women You Should Know’ for Her Message to Prevent Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

The new honor for Ms. Scott follows closely on the heels of Oprah Winfrey saluting her as an ‘Ambassador of Hope’

Columbus, OH, January 23, 2010 --( Marala Scott wrote an award-winning memoir about her horrifying childhood, published by Seraph Books, LLC, used it to change lives through the ‘Indicators of an Abuser,’ and is now being recognized for her efforts by central Ohio’s popular local television channels, Channel 10TV and ONN. Last night, both stations aired an hour-long program featuring Scott, along with nineteen other “Outstanding Women You Should Know.”

The hour-long television program also advertises that Scott, along with the other “Outstanding Women,” will appear at local radio station Sunny 95’s event on January 29, where she will spread her hopeful message of forgiveness and healing to thousands of local women. The event will take place from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Hilton Columbus at Polaris, 8700 Lyra Drive. The sponsors of the event will also provide free food, massages, makeovers, and many other enjoyable attractions.

This honor for Scott comes soon after she has been featured on, where the popular talk show host salutes her as an ‘Ambassador of Hope.’ Scott, however, doesn't view these breakthroughs as a victory for herself, but rather as a victory for her message.

The 'Indicators of an Abuser' is a list of behaviors intended to help individuals recognize patterns in others, or in themselves, which might signal abusive tendencies in the future. Each of the 'Indicators' has roots in Scott's own experience with abuse, which she recounts in her multi-award-winning memoir, “In Our House: Perception vs. Reality.” Ms. Scott has spent the past year sharing her story and the 'Indicators' for colleges, companies, and interest groups across the country.

The program will air three more times, on the ONN Channel only, on January 22 and 24 at 8pm, and on January 26 at 10pm.

Scott is continuing her speaking tour into 2010. For additional information on Marala Scott, her book, or having her share her unique message for your audiences, contact Walker Pfost or visit “In Our House: Perception vs. Reality” is available at any bookseller nationwide.

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