Hollister Kids Creates National Curriculum on Critical Thinking for NAA Foundation

Educational publishing company Hollister Kids has produced a national curriculum to be used during Newspapers in Education Week.

Wynnewood, PA, January 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Hollister Kids was selected this year by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation to write a national curriculum that strengthens critical thinking skills through use of print and digital media. The teaching package offers lesson plans and activity sheets that help students improve critical thinking in the key curriculum areas of financial literacy, nutrition, the environment, character education and information technology.

The NAA Foundation will distribute “Critical Thinking Through Core Curriculum: Using Print and Digital Newspapers” online and through newspapers around the country for use during Newspapers in Education Week, March 1-5. To view the curriculum online, visit http://www.naafoundation.org/docs/Foundation/2010-NIE-Week/2010_NIEWeek.pdf.

Hollister Kids, the educational publishing division of Hollister Creative (http://www.hollistercreative.com/educational.php), creates award-winning education materials for newspapers, museums, sports teams, theatrical companies and non-profit groups. The Philadelphia area company has earned 52 honors for content and design in the Distinguished Achievement Awards Competition of the Association of Educational Publishers as well as numerous regional awards.

The Hollister NAA curriculum, which is aligned with national education standards, “takes advantage of the wide range of topics covered by newspapers,” the NAA Foundation said in announcing the project. “The guide provides an opportunity to teach critical thinking through subjects that will be vital to students’ success as adults.” In each academic area, the curriculum offers lessons for elementary, middle and high school students and activity sheets that reinforce the lessons.

“Critical Thinking Through Core Curriculum” was written by Emilia Pastina, Hollister Kids national representative, and Peter Landry, Hollister Kids editorial director. “In the age of Web sites, blogs and social networking, critical thinking skills are more important than ever,” Landry wrote in the introduction to the 48-page guide. “On the Internet, everything looks authoritative thanks to do-it-yourself templates and software, while blogs, citizen news sites and social networks add to the confusion. All of these information sources make it ever more important for students to be able to weigh the merits of information, draw comparisons, sift competing interests and make judgments based on the reliability and track records of sources.”
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Hollister Kids creates custom education and public outreach materials for foundations, corporations and non-profits, and sells original teaching materials at www.hollisterkids.com.

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