Red Sky Ventures Cessna Training Manuals Receive Favourable Response from US Audiences

The US release of Red Sky Ventures Cessna 210 manual has received favourable responses from US pilots. Authors feel their books address some of the discrepancies in training contributory to the high General Aviation accident rates.

Windhoek, Namibia, January 26, 2010 --( In November 2009, Red Sky Ventures popular Cessna Training Manual series, released a special US edition of their Cessna 210 Training Manual. Promotion of the books, in line with the US release, has received an extremely favourable response from US readers.

Reviews and feedback from US readers and specific target groups showed a high level of support, and illustrated the seriousness with which the American flying public now take aviation training and safety matters.

Reviewing accident statistics from the NTSB database, the General Aviation sector consistently maintains the highest rates per flight hour by a large margin. AOPA's Air Safety Foundation sadly reports the predominant cause of accidents, remain largely unchanged, with 80% of the primary cause being pilot related. A review of NTSB statistics shows that a large portion are contributed to either flight control or systems handling errors. Headings such as 'power loss-non-mechanical ', 'loss of control', and 'hard landings' dominate the statistics, surely leaving the public wondering about levels of training in General Aviation.

In publishing the Cessna Training Manual series, authors Oleg Roud and Danielle Bruckert aimed to address some of the areas of deficiency identified in light aircraft training, and promote the importance of thorough type transition training. They base their series on a concept found in larger or more complex aircraft, where a training manual is issued to pilots, providing more in depth information on technical systems and procedures. “We hope the books will help improve pilots' knowledge of the aircraft they fly and help to improve operating practices in the private sector.”, says Danielle.

The training manuals are designed for transition training, but are also extremely useful as a reference for pilots flying the aircraft, or to study when preparing for a check ride, and are a valuable addition to any pilot's library. They contain a large amount of essential information for pilots, which is often difficult to find in the POH and not provided in a basic training course. The books expand the information contained within the POH, adding helpful hints and providing practical operating philosophies to help pilots avoid trouble and to enhance airmanship and safety.

The layout of the books follows a typical training progression. The first section provides in depth technical information about the aircraft, including diagrams, photographs and schematics. The second part of the book contains operational information, recommended mnemonics for single pilot operation, and expanded procedures for normal and abnormal situations. The last section includes a helpful guide to pre-flight performance and weight and balance calculations.

The information is compiled from a range of reference resources, many of which are available for free on Red Sky Ventures website, input from experienced operators and engineers, and the authors' in depth operational experience as professional charter pilots and flight instructors on the Cessna range. Both authors hold ATPL licenses, and presently fly professionally in the airline sector. Additionally they both hold engineering qualifications, and combined they have several thousand hours on the aircraft they write about.

The Cessna Training Manuals are available presently for the Cessna 152, 172, 182, and 210, and a release of the Cessna 206 is planned for early 2010. The manuals are available in the US and internationally through Red Sky Ventures website at

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