IDX Broker Links Realtors Websites with Their Local MLS Systems with Its Unique and Innovative Technology

IDX Broker uses its custom IDX solution to create a simple and easy-to-navigate online real estate search, saving both realtors and their clients time.

Eugene, OR, January 27, 2010 --( Jesse Sehlmeyer with Vintage Homes of Denver, Inc. has joined the elite rank of real estate agents and brokers choosing to incorporate the innovative Internet Data Exchange (IDX) software into the search functions of their websites, providing consumers with the most well-rounded, organized and time efficient real estate search on the web. Courtesy of this custom IDX solutions association to and relationship with MLS systems, Sehlmeyer is able to display the most current and up-to-date Metrolist - Denver (MTOMLS) information, directly onto his own personal website, therefore their clients will never be re-directed elsewhere.

Comprehensive search categories are supplied to potential home buyers browsing Sehlmeyer's site, such as: basic, advanced, map, address and listing ID. The map search option, being the most unique, is powered by Google Maps. Clients have the ability to pinpoint their desired property on an interactive satellite, terrain and/ or road map. They may then use this information to judge their relativity to nearby main roads, school districts, convenience locations, neighborhoods, landmarks and other cities, to determine is this is truly a location that they desire, and place they could envision themselves living.

Access to his own personal administrative login dashboard, enables Sehlmeyer to control all aspects of his online real estate website, including the ability to edit the look, layout, design and search options available. He is able to review traffic reports, detailing which pages and listings on his site are most popular, and are being viewed most frequently. Sehlmeyer also has the resources to create dynamic title tags and custom XML codes, increasing his listings visibility, as well as their chances of syndication to major real estate search site. All of these tools aide him in producing a more efficiently managed and organized online business.

About Jesse Sehlmeyer
“Jesse Sehlmeyer is the owner/broker for Vintage Homes of Denver, Inc. He holds a degree in accounting as well as business management. He has been licensed in the State of Colorado as a real estate agent since 2001, and upgraded his license to that of a Managing Broker in 2005. He is constantly educating himself on the ever-changing world of real estate.”

About IDX, Inc.
Based in Eugene, Oregon, IDX Inc. is nationally known as a leading provider of real estate search applications. IDX, Inc. actively manages over $1 trillion worth of active listings data from over 340 Multiple Listings Services (MLS). IDX Broker is IDX, Inc.’s principle real estate software utility and myAgent IDX is its principle mobile application available for the iPhone. The easy to manage and customizable software helps real estate professionals display home listing data from their multiple listing service (MLS) on their individual and/or office websites. For more information on all the services provided by IDX, Inc. please visit

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