Texastar Relocation Inc. Announced New Short Sale Program for Distressed Home Owners in and Around Dallas Texas

Dallas, TX, January 27, 2010 --(PR.com)-- TexaStar Relocation, Inc. announced a new short sale program to assist distressed home owners facing foreclosure. This program was designed to stop foreclosure proceedings immediately, allow the home owner to settle their debt with the mortgage company for less, protect their credit from the damage of a foreclosure. Short sale clients will also be provided with a free moving package to make the transition to a new home easier.

The program is for home owners in the following categories:

1) Those that have seen a large drop in their home value making it impossible to sell for the value of the mortgage.
2) Those that have been hit with financial distress from a job loss, medical bills, or pay cut that is making it impossible to maintain payments
3) Those that have been had to take employment out of their area and need to sell their home quickly
4) Any other set of circumstances that have made it impossible to make payments, or sell the home for what is owed.

TexaStar Relocation, Inc. has assisted many home owners with this program. Short Sale brokers like TexaStar generally have an experienced and competent team that knows how to negotiate with the banks. TexaStar has a stable pool of investors that approach the banks with a cash offer to purchase a qualifying home, and agents have years of experience in negotiating with banks to reach a successful short sale settlement. Short sales allow the home owner to enter back into the purchase market within 2 years, which is far less time than a foreclosure would allow.

Distressed home owners can call 214-869-5900 for consultation on a potential short sale. Those that qualify will be able to live in the home until the short sale has been successfully negotiated.

For more information, visit http://texastarinc.com/_TSR/tsr_ShortSaleListingRequest.html.

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