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Website visitors are given access to a wide array of information through a comprehensive guide to health and wellness with Dr. Mike. The Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution centers on providing its readers with breaking news and informed opinions regarding the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Toronto, ON, Canada, January 27, 2010 --( The Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution continues to give its readers the latest information on health and wellness with Dr. Mike and his professional opinions. The website has recently been updated with looks at various health trends such as dietary plans and reviews of nutritional supplements.

Health and wellness with Dr. Mike provides website visitors access to informed opinion pieces and guidance. Dr. Mike consistently updates the Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution with the material his readers’ value most. Regular additions to the site are aimed at increasing each visitor’s awareness of healthy living steps and products. These insights are personally directed and give reader’s a unique look inside the industry of health and wellness with Dr. Mike’s experience.

Dr. Mike Van Thielen is a well known professional in the natural health and cosmetic medicine fields. He personally maintains a public speaking career and serves readers with wellness information through the Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution. Dr. Mike is also a member of the Elite Medical Advisory Board. He is one of the specialists that inform the material used in Elite AMBT’s business and aesthetic medical training seminars and courses.

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