Employee On-Boarding Has a New Look: Meet Efficient Hire

Designed exclusively for small and medium-sized companies and staffing firms, Efficient Hire take the paperwork, confusion and redundancy out of the employee on-boarding process.

Littleton, CO, January 27, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Software firm Efficient Forms has launched a new employee on-boarding solution called Efficient Hire. Designed exclusively for small and medium-sized companies and staffing firms, Efficient Hire takes the paperwork, confusion and redundancy out of the employee on-boarding process. Instead of facing a mountain of paperwork on their first day of work, new employees are guided through an online “interview” (or, question and answer session) to complete the required payroll, tax, benefits and direct deposit information — and even sign up for the company’s softball team.

The launch of Efficient Hire comes on the heels of the successful launch of Greenboard to the PEO industry (professional employer organizations) in 2009.

Burdensome paperwork has become a human resources nightmare as many companies hope to get their employees working as quickly as possible. The difficult economic times have resulted in many companies reducing their staff significantly and giving multiple job duties to their remaining personnel. Increasing efficiencies while still remaining compliant is proving difficult for many human resources departments.

As a completely web-based employee on-boarding solution, Efficient Hire is proving to be an attractive alternative to bloated software packages that can be priced anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 and up. The Efficient Hire solution starts as low as $100 per month.

Colorado-based staffing firm Employment Solutions was one of the first staffing agencies to use Efficient Hire. Employment Solutions’ president, Rick Wagner, is already seeing results. “As a staffing company, we onboard a high volume of candidates everyday. We were looking for a solution that would help simplify the process. The Efficient Hire system has made the entire process much easier for us. Now our candidates don't have to fill out tedious paperwork.” Witnessing the improved efficiency firsthand, Rick has ramped up the usage of Efficient Hire companywide. “Currently, 95% of our candidates are using the Efficient Hire system.”

With Efficient Hire, once the employee has completed the guided online process, all of their information is stored in the online "filing cabinet," reducing HR department clutter. Other important documents, such as driver's licenses and social security cards, are able to be uploaded into the system — keeping all documentation and paperwork together. An intuitive dashboard and customizable alerts make sure that paperwork is complete and compliant.

Conducting the employee on-boarding process online is especially important for businesses with multiple locations or branches. Rick Wagner sees Efficient Hire as a critical tool to maintain compliance across a wide geographic footprint. “Online access is crucial for our staff. Because we have remote branches who need to access candidate information immediately, Efficient Hire gives us the advantage of storing employee information in a safe and secure online portal.”

The Efficient Hire product contains all standard employee paperwork and forms, along with many standard waivers — including consent to background checks and drug screens. Screening each employee for eligibility to participate in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is also included — an incredible program that can yield tax credits for the hiring firm of up to $9,000 for each eligible employee hired.

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