DSTY Launches a New Division

DSTY is an organization that delivers flawlessly executed promotional programs and strategically designed sales campaigns throughout the United States. DSTY provides a personal and professional solution for their increasing customer database.

Boston, MA, January 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- DSTY is benefiting from its new retail program and has just experienced one of its biggest years on record. The client base for DSTY has expanded from marketing programs for sports and entertainment venues to leaders in Satellite Television and Cosmetics industries. In 2010, DSTY unveiled their new "In-Store Marketing" program where they have a major presence in some of the country's largest chain retailers.

Boston-based DSTY has served as a distributor for national brands and reports that despite the weakened economy, business is booming. Although consumers continue to pull back on a range of personal purchases, DSTY is responding to climbing sales numbers for its clients as it expands the products' reach by taking them directly to consumers via sales displays at popular retail locations across the country.

"Our In-Store Marketing campaign has flourished over the past year because we not only help expand companies' reach to consumers, but we give shoppers the opportunity to save on exclusive products and enjoy the local activities they love at a reduced cost," said Rich McPhee assistant director of DSTY. "The unbeatable face-to-face access we have to consumers at busy retail outlets is the reason why more and more companies are looking to partner with us. Our unique marketing capabilities and retail relationships are unmatched by any offering out there."

DSTY partners with a supplier of its clients in a variety of industries that are looking to enhance visibility and generate sales and leads more effectively and efficiently, from travel, spas and salons, professional and independent sports teams, restaurants and movie theaters to home improvement service providers and satellite providers. This unique sales approach takes offers directly to consumers, giving clients a level of convenience unmatched by traditional marketing and advertising models. Additionally, it presents highly sought after products and services to consumers at unbeatable price points that help maintain healthy sales for clients even as consumer spending continues to slow down. DSTY's marketing and sales professionals serve as an extension of the brand by communicating their offering to consumers, allowing businesses to maintain a focus on providing the highest quality product and service for the customer.

Sonia Monroe