An Innovative Online Classified System Enters the Ring with Free Lifetime Ads and Local or National Exposure

Omniopolis' Trulocal Classifieds, features several innovations in online classified advertising to give every city, village and town its own private, local system. Find additional advertising and productivity tools within Omniopolis.

Wichita, KS, January 28, 2010 --( Wirewaves, LLC, a midwest-based Internet company, is throwing their hat into the ring of online classifieds, and they appear to have the muscle to back up their brag. Their product, TruLocal Classifieds at, features several significant innovations in online classified advertising.

One particularly noteworthy innovation is that every city, village and town inherently has its own completely private, local online classified system, while at the same time is fully involved nationally. The level of exposure control TruLocal gives posters is truly stunning, and new advertising possibilities begin to become evident as one delves into the program. Wirewaves believes their innovations will give rise to new niche markets for online classifieds, such as purely local businesses like grocery stores, or individuals offering services limited to their home towns, or even marketers conducting true A-B ad tests.

Unlike other online classifieds, TruLocal allows posters to set exposure of an ad to be limited to only their home town, or can include their county, or specifically created region of any number of counties or States, or be fully visible and/or searchable nationally. Custom regions can be created for anywhere, and do not need to be focused around the home town of a poster. Those browsing the ads can likewise choose to see only ads that are posted from the virtual town, county or state they are currently logged on to, or for the entire Nation.

When signing up for a new account, TruLocal customizes free advertising regions that encircle the home town of the new member. These free regions grow in 20-mile radius circles until either 80 to 100 miles distance in every direction is involved, or a minimum of one million people are included. No matter where one lives, the member is always in the center of their market area.

Yet another innovation TruLocal brings is found in their handling of ad categories. The TruLocal classified system features an unusually robust list of categories and subcategories for posted ads, and all categories are available whether you are posting to buy, sell, trade, give away, or ask. When searching for ads, a user selects which of these types of ads they wish to have included in their search results.

During the Beta release of this system, Wirewaves is offering their TruLocal Classified advertising system completely free to anyone posting any online classified, regardless of extent of exposure or length of run, and paying out spendable future credits for doing so.

Remarkably, their home page reveals a secret for how to extend a free ad for an unlimited number of years, in effect handing out lifetime regional or national exposure. This offer is expected to last only a few weeks, until a public launch which is anticipated in mid to late February. Wirewaves claims their biggest innovative splash in online classifieds will be revealed at that time.

TruLocal is part of a larger web project called Omniopolis, which is focused on helping individuals, companies and communities survive the current economy with advertising and productivity tools. Both TruLocal Classifieds and its parent site are family friendly. If you wouldn’t want your children to see it, hear it or read it, it won't be permitted on Omniopolis.

Other tools currently inside the Omniopolis site include a unique and effective paper filing system, a free community alert system, and a service offering any person, company or community their own Internet radio station to promote products, services, or causes. Wirewaves says this is just a small start of what is to come.

Wirewaves, LLC, is the creator of and TruLocal Classifieds. Wirewaves is an internet and programming company specializing in developing privately branded, promotional radio stations for personal and business websites. The Wirewaves crew is positioned now to assist others in bringing their web-service dreams alive. Contact Wirewaves Customer Service at 316-281-4183 or email them at

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Bryan Pulliam