EES of NC Recovers Thousands in Utility Bill Overcharges for Companies

EES of NC's Utility Bill Audit Recovery Service has been getting commercial establishments some pretty hefty refunds due to overcharges and billing errors

Wake Forest, NC, January 28, 2010 --( Since the economic slowdown, Emergency Electrical Service has been shifting some of it's focus to it's commercial Utility Auditing and Recovery service and the move has proven to be just the thing to keep the funds flowing. President of the North Carolina based firm Bob Wagner, said that companies are doing everything they can during these times to save and make a buck and that his no-risk service gives them the possibility to do both. Wagner claimed that in some areas he sees errors in almost 80% of the accounts he audits. "Most accounts payable departments simply look at the dollar amount and if it is close to what it was last year this time, it looks good to them." Wagner adds. "Our auditors are experienced at spotting errors and have recovered tens of thousands of dollars in refunds and thousands of dollars in monthly bill reductions. Because he is so confident if you are leery of paying for his service outright, he offers a No refund or reduction, No payment policy where he gets a percentage of anything he recovers."

EES of NC is equipped to audit electric, trash, water, sewer, gas and personal property taxes anywhere in the US. You may find more about their service at

Bob Wagner