Why Some Patients Fail After Obesity Surgery. Weight Loss Surgery Specialists Cosmetic Bliss Now Extend Post-Op Support Beyond 2 Years to Help Their Patients Succeed.

Michael Dermody of Cosmetic Bliss - specialist provider of Weight Loss Surgery and Support states the reasons why some patients who undergo surgery are unable to maintain weight loss after the procedure, and explains why better patient preparation, adequate psychological assessment and the company’s extension of post-operative support to a minimum of 2 years is the answer to improving long term outcomes.

Launceston, United Kingdom, January 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Bariatric Surgery is accepted as the most effective cure for Morbid Obesity.

Surgery is performed to restrict the volume of food which can be eaten, as in the case of procedures such as Gastric banding (the Lap-Band) or Sleeve Gastrectomy (the “Gastric Sleeve”) or to both restrict intake and limit the ability to absorb nutrients by surgically shortening the small intestine (a technique called “malabsorption”) which is the purpose of the various Gastric Bypass procedures.

After surgery some patients still can’t seem to lose significant weight or can’t maintain the weight loss they achieved in the first months after the operation.
Usually failure is due to a combination of overeating - grazing on food throughout the day, eating a diet too rich in calories (chocolate, high fat food, sugary drinks, alcohol) and not increasing energy output through reasonable exercise.

Cosmetic Bliss, stresses the need for thorough preparation for surgery, psychological pre-operative assessment and on-going support after surgery. They announce an extension of post-op support to a minimum of 2years. This support is even offered to patients who opt for the Intragastric Balloon, a temporary (6 month) implantation designed to “kick-start” weight loss.

Michael Dermody of Cosmetic Bliss said "We prepare patients for Weight Loss Surgery, accompany them and take them through the operation with our support at our partner hospital in Breclav in the Czech Republic. Surgery is performed by Dr Michal Cierny Ph.D, a leading Bariatric Surgeon and advocate of Sleeve Gastrectomy.

A multi-disciplinary team, including a psychologist specialising in obesity work together to ensure surgery is safely carried out and the patient is likely to be capable of succeeding in long term sustained weight loss.

We are committed to supporting and advising our patients in the months and years after surgery –this is so important that we now offer to support our patients after surgery as long as they need us – at least 2 years."

He added: “Patients need to have some coping strategies in place to help them adjust their relationship with eating.

Surgery is no Magic Wand – weight loss after surgery requires effort and commitment, and it is certainly not the easy option.

If the patient wasn’t able to sustain weight loss before surgery due to comfort eating or a failure mentality, we try to help them make changes in the way they look at life to allow them to break this vicious circle

Too often, patients aren’t encouraged to examine the reasons for their weight problems and they decide on surgery without enough information or preparation, and unrealistic expectations of what surgery will do for them.

Surgery’s aim is to achieve long-term sustained weight loss.

It’s very disappointing and damaging to the health and self esteem of the patient to fail and a waste of the investment they have made in time, money and the discomfort of going through an operation.

It is the duty of all those who advise on and facilitate surgery to try to ensure this does not happen."

“Our patients have a very high success rate for long term weight loss. Success is not inevitable or guaranteed, but it starts with us being absolutely frank and honest about what surgery is, what it can and can’t do and what the patient must do to make it successful.

By giving long-term post-op support and helping patients prepare for surgery and come to it with their eyes open they provide a very good start for a long, but ultimately very rewarding journey.

All information on Cosmetic Bliss Weight Loss Surgery Solutions can be found at http://www.cosmeticbliss.co.uk/p/weight-loss-surgery

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