Find the Bling That's Your Thing

New website helps middle-class find what's bling.

Elkhart, IN, October 30, 2006 --( Middle-class America likes to shop for shiny baubles. MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, cargo pants. Much of mainstream America knows exactly what's bling, or they want to find out. There is a new web site that is fun and hip, to help you find the bling that's your thing:!

The term "bling" or "bling bling" has its roots in hip-hop culture where "bling" is used to describe shiny jewelry and other items of conspicuous consumption. Bling has gone on to be used as both a noun and a descriptive adjective in mainstream culture and media.

You may hear a hip-hopper saying "Yo, that gold chain bling bling around your neck is looking bling!" You are just as likely to hear a soccer mom say "Wow! That iPod bling you have plugged into your ear sure looks bling!" continues to merge the use of the term "bling" into the American mainstream, highlighting bling like iPods, Razr Phones, Levi's, and Xbox. has created a fun, easy place to shop for the mainstream middle-class!

. The web site breaks down bling into easy to shop categories, such as clothing, jewelry, Pet Bling, and Baby Bling.

. They keep you up with what's in, what's hot, and what's bling!

. Read the product descriptions. They are fun, and often full of puns! This whole site has a light sense of humor about it!

. There are great Product Reviews from consumers and manufacturers at, including bling iPod reviews! is recommended for a fun, helpful, easy shopping experience. Why does this site exist? There is a quote from a page on the site called "Gosh, golly, what the heck is bling?" that explains. "Because gas is expensive, time is precious, and we all like to consume conspicuously. We are here because of the raw demand of the American mainstream for items of conspicuous consumption! What could be more fun than shopping for bling?"          

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