Mother and Daughter Launch New Handmade, Natural Organic Skin Care Line

Natural, Organic Skincare brand launch.

Surrey, United Kingdom, January 30, 2010 --( Jinsei Skincare is a family run business passionate about producing all natural, organic body care products without the use of any harmful or harsh ingredients. It was set up and is run by Mother and Daughter team Gillian and Samantha Burt.

Samantha & Gillian are both trained Aromatherapists and Massage Therapists and trained together in the production of skin care products.

“ I first became interested in the benefits of essential oils when my mum was studying Aromatherapy and this interest increased when I started treating myself with oils for chronic pain and so I decided to go on and train in Massage and Aromatherapy myself”. Samantha

“We have both had an interest in the natural treatment of the skin and body for a long time and our training in Aromatherapy really opened our eyes to the benefits of vegetable oils and essential oils on the skin as well as the body”. Gillian

They decided to look into creating a skin range when they failed to find any existing products to address their own combination of sensitive and dry skin and after finding that those products they thought to be natural and organic weren’t necessarily so. After a lot of thought and extensive research they began their journey into creating and producing a skin care range that would contain the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients possible, without the inclusion of harmful and harsh ingredients, at a price that is affordable for everyone.

“After some extensive research into the ingredients found in skin care products, we were shocked to find that some of the natural ingredients used, including those used in products labeled as organic, could still be harmful to the skin and have serious long term effects on the body. We learnt that in the UK in order for a product to be classed as natural it needs to contain only 1% of natural ingredients, and harmful components taken from natural ingredients are classed as ‘natural’.”Gillian

“ So with this in mind the formulations we have produced contain ingredients that are Natural, by that we mean everything we use comes from vegetable, plant or mineral sources, certified organic - wherever possible, and provide real results without harming the body or causing the build up of toxins over time. Furthermore, we have sourced suppliers who provide sustainable resources, gathered in ethical ways.” Samantha

Samantha and Gillian launched their new line, Jinsei Skincare, in December 2009 and it includes an impressive range from their temptingly luxurious lip balms, tailored facial sets, impressive toning gel, indulgent moisturizers and gorgeous gift sets to their well thought out accessories.

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“At Jinsei Skincare we are dedicated to producing the best quality skin care products using only natural ingredients and making choices for our products based on what is best for the product and the user, not what’s best for our pockets”. Samantha

“I am very excited about our new skin care range and hope you all enjoy using our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them”. Gillian

Contact Details:
Samantha Burt & Gillian Burt
Founders of Jinsei Skincare

Jinsei Skincare
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