University of Kentucky Researcher, Dr. Kevin Nelson Skeptical of Near-Death Experience Accounts

Near-death experience skeptic, Dr. Kevin Nelson says the burden of proof is on experiencers to show their experiences are real.

Del Mar, CA, January 30, 2010 --( We all dream, but do we know when we’re dreaming? Recent research from Dr. Kevin Nelson of the University of Kentucky suggests that near-death experience is akin to dreaming, and uses the same rapid eye movement mechanism associated with sleep. In a recent interview on, Dr. Nelson defends this controversial research that contradicts the accounts of thousands of near-death experiencers:

Dr. Kevin Nelson: Then you ask how can we have experiences with a flat EEG? My question to you is, that’s an extraordinary claim. Where is the data that says the experience that they later remembered actually happened at the time the EEG was flat?

Alex Tsakiris: Penny Sartori’s research, where she went and interviewed people about their resuscitation process and found that people who have a near-death experience are much more accurate in reporting the specific events that go on during resuscitation, is pretty good, solid research that backs up what so many of the near-death experiencers say, which is that this was…

Dr. Kevin Nelson: Where’s the data?

Alex Tsakiris: Well, that’s data. I mean, if you ask people…

Dr. Kevin Nelson: No, what is her data?

Alex Tsakiris: Her data is that they’re statistically significantly more likely to recount the…

Dr. Kevin Nelson: No, that’s her conclusion. What’s her data?

Alex Tsakiris: Her data is the number of events in the resuscitation process that they’re able to recall. That’s the data.

The complete interview (audio and transcript) is available at:

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