IDMA Lays Foundation for a Successful 20th Year

Kicks off 2010 with a new name, website, media gallery, 20th Anniversary event and more.

Las Vegas, NV, January 30, 2010 --( The International Digital Media Alliance (IDMA) today announced a number of firsts, including the finalization of the alliance’s name change from DVDA (DVD Association) to IDMA. While the DVDA has been a proud fixture on the digital media scene since its name was first adopted in 2000, the IDMA name better reflects the alliance’s efforts in expanding its mission to promote best practices and excellence in the entire digital media market, rather than limiting the organization to just the DVD market.

In conjunction with the name change, IDMA has also established its new, final URL The new website will feature a number of innovative developments including the IDMA Preferred Provider Network, which will serve as a directory of IDMA-approved vendors in the areas of compression, authoring, programming, QC, tools, media supplies, and other digital media related goods and services.

The new site will also house the IDMA Digital Media Gallery, which will feature a video gallery for IDMA members to upload and display their digital media trailers or demo reels in high quality. As an added value to members, IDMA is finalizing a transaction engine that will allow for the sale and full-length delivery of videos previewed from trailers which have been uploaded by members. This will provide all IDMA members with a store front presence for their digital content.

Furthering the goal to educate both the industry it serves as well as its consumers, IDMA has also begun work on the IDMA MediaPedia; a comprehensive online encyclopedia listing important digital media facts and information that will allow easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages by IDMA members.

In celebration of IDMA’s 20 years of service to the digital industry, IDMA also announces its 20th anniversary Excellence Awards event, “Twenty Years of Excellence,” will be held in May, 2010 in the Los Angeles area. The event will feature a host of important technology presentations on the subjects of publishing digital media in all its forms, and will include tabletop demos from the association’s many technology partners, IDMA members, and special sponsors. It will also provide a special session with all of the CDIA, DVDA, and IDMA executives who have presided over the association, recalling its growth from humble beginnings to the association’s present form. It will also include special 20th anniversary Excellence Awards, recognizing important landmarks in digital media over the past 20 years.

“2010 marks an important milestone in the life of the IDMA,” said Bruce Nazarian, IDMA President. “While we have been associated with optical disc media our entire life, the IDMA has expanded its mission to include digital media in all forms, both on-disc and off. We anticipate another 20 years of service to the media industry, promoting best practices and excellence in digital media production.”

About The IDMA
For 20 years, the International Digital Media Alliance (IDMA) has served to assist developers and educate the public on new and developing digital platforms. The alliance continues to grow, and has expanded its web presence providing developers, vendors and consumers with the latest information and relevant news feeds through its website at: TheIDMA[dot]org.

Bruce Nazarian