Top 10 Most Important Stamps of 2009 presents the second of five ratings which grades the most important stamps of the year 2009.

New York, NY, January 30, 2010 --( Quite a lot stamps dedicated to the socially-significant events have been issued in the year 2009. Last year many Post Offices commemorated the Bicentenary of Louis Braille, creator of the alphabet for blind people.

In 2009 more than 40 countries of the world issued postage stamps within the series “Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers”. In any case during 2009 many countries dedicated their stamps to the problems of climate and global warming. It is impossible to insert all such stamps in one rating, they are equally important. That is why summing up the results of the year 2009 has made quite an unusual rating – top 10 of the most important stamps having the best design by the opinion of the companies’ editorial staff.

#1. Israel: Stamp on Climate Change
In June 2009, Israel Post issued a stamp to help spreading awareness of global warming.
The Earth is depicted as melting in a frying pan against a red background, in contrast to the tab featuring the international graphic symbols for alternative energy, ecology and the environment portrayed against a clean environment background.

#2. Korea: Green Energy stamp series
This special issue of four stamps illustrates the diversity of green energy production in Korea today. The stamps were issued in August 2009.

#3. Greece: Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers
This stamp on climate change was issued in Greece. The common theme for 40 countries in 2009 was Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers.

#4. U.N. stamps show Indigenous People
In October 2009, the United Nations Postal Administration issued 18 commemorative stamps in a mini-sheet format of six stamps each on the theme "Indigenous People".

#5. U.N. Goals stamps
These stamps focus on eight U.N. millennium development goals aimed at alleviating extreme poverty by 2015. They were issued in September 2009.

#6. Sweden: Through the Eyes of Others
This issue is one of the events in 2009 celebrating Braille and the 200th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Louis Braille. The stamps are also one way for Sweden Post Stamps to express itself in its work with diversity.

#7. Canadian postage stamp supports those with Mental Illness
In September 2009, Canada issued a new permanent Mental Health stamp to raise funds for the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health.
The stamp, which features natural scenery flowing through the outline of a human figure, was designed by Vancouver's Signals Design Group. A tree was chosen as the stamp's central element because it symbolizes health, growth and maturity, all attainable for people affected by mental illness. The shape of the tree refers subtly to the human brain, while the path progresses towards better health and a fulfilled life.

#8. Species at Risk - Australian Joint Territories issue
This stamp issue is a joint issue between the Australian and Norfolk Island postal administrations, and includes stamps from Australia, Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and the Australian Antarctic Territory.
The theme is animals and birds under threat of extinction in Australia and its territories.

#9. UN: Stamps issued in support of Global Public Health
In August 2009, the United Nations Postal Administration issued a set of stamps on the theme "ECOSOC" (Economic and Social Council).
"ECOSOC" serves as the central forum for discussing international economic and social issues.
It is responsible for: Promoting higher standards of living; Identifying solutions to international economic, social and health problems; Facilitating international cultural and educational cooperation; Encouraging universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

#10. USA: Civil Rights Pioneers honored on stamps
These stamps honor the achievements of a dozen civil rights pioneers.
The complete list of 12 leaders of the struggle for African–American civil rights is: Mary Church Terrell, Mary White Ovington, J.R. Clifford, Joel Elias Spingarn, Oswald Garrison Villard, Daisy Gatson Bates, Charles Hamilton Houston, Walter White, Medgar Evers, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, Ruby Hurley. Special Nomination Award this time goes to Hungary
In Memoriam Michael Jackson Souvenir Sheet
This souvenir sheet was released in Hungary on a special day, Michael Jackson's birthday.
The sheet shows a scene from the Budapest concert with Jackson in the perforated section.

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