Security Inventions Offers Safe New Eating Utensil to Corrections, Mental Health, and Security Related Agencies

New Slick Paperboard Spoon Offers Safety in Environments Where Eating Utensils Are Often Misused

Naperville, IL, January 30, 2010 --( Corrections veteran and owner of Security Inventions ( A. Allen Jones today announced the addition of EcoTensil Security Utensil to the company’s list of tools that keep Corrections and Mental Health staff, and their charges, safer from harm to others and self-harm. The sturdy paperboard EcoTensil Security Utensil (aka ESU) solves the problem of cutting, “gassing” or sharpening eating utensils into a shank.

A. Allen-Jones, a 20+ year veteran of corrections and law enforcement, knows the frustrations that come along with overseeing correctional institutions, and with supervision of individuals who, at times, may not wish to be cooperative and may even seek to harm themselves or others. “We all know more tools are needed to keep our staff safe. Yet the law sometimes appears to tie our hands, making solutions to our unique, challenging, and even life-threatening problems seem impossible and/or potentially a legal catastrophe” says Allen-Jones. “Then along comes something extraordinary, which actually solves problems: the EcoTensil Security Utensil.”

Unlike any product ever marketed to corrections, the ESU goes beyond what others have offered. Security Inventions was developing a similar product, but decided to market EcoTensil S.U. when it became apparent that this product could replace the current dangerous eating utensil options with a perfectly safe alternative. Unfortunately the commonly used Polypropylene Utensils (sporks and spoons) pose an everyday danger that continually place safety and liability issues on correctional and security facilities administrators’ desks. This is especially true for inmates and residents on Administrative Segregation or various other special programs.

“With the ESU, we will no longer hear about mandatory extractions to retrieve a shank made from a polypropylene spoon,” Allen-Jones added. “We will no longer see the reports about an inmate who cut himself with a sharp polypropylene utensil. We will get used to officers no longer waiting nervously for the result of a blood test after having bio-hazard waste flung at him during a "gassing" attack orchestrated by aiming a polypropylene spoon precisely right.”

The new ESU is made from slick, moisture-resistant paperboard, like a milk carton. In one fold, it becomes the perfect rigid scoop for any soft or bite-sized foods, such as yogurt, cottage cheese, chili, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, cereal, mashed potatoes, potato salad, and for any other semi-solid food that doesn’t need cutting. As an added bonus, EcoTensils are eco-friendly since they are made from renewable paperboard. They are less expensive to produce than most corn- or bio-based spoons, and the ESU uses significantly less material than other disposable utensils so they are highly space efficient. A box of 5,000 EcoTensils is about the same size as 1,000 bio-plastic spoons.

The EcoTensil Security Utensil is growing in popularity day-by-day. The ESU is currently being used in California and Colorado State Correctional facilities, including CSP-SAC in Folsom California. According to prison authorities, ESU is a safe alternative for those who may misuse other utensils, providing a much better option than eating with fingers. And because facilities can serve more than just finger foods to these groups, it really can solve finger-food-only menu issues.

“We recommend (EcoTensil). They provide a safe utensil for our mental health inmates/patients to eat with and prevent self harm or harm to staff," said Richard Castaneda, Warehouse Manager for CSP-SAC in Folsom. "Our Psychiatric staff says that they are more humane than using their fingers or paper tabs.”

Allen-Jones, principal of Security Inventions, has just been announced as Director of Marketing & Sales for the ESU Security Division by parent company SpoonLidz, LLC, Larkspur CA, ( “We are incredibly fortunate to be teamed up with Security Inventions,” said Peggy Cross, founder of SpoonLidz. “They are passionate about keeping people safe, and not only know the correctional industry, they live it.”

About Security Inventions
Security Inventions is a company of corrections and law enforcement professionals dedicated to inventing and actively seeking out innovative products to make the corrections environment as safe as possible. “You are trusting a company that does more than market the product, you are trusting a company that is owned by professionals in the corrections industry,” says Allen-Jones. “And, any corrections facility that orders via can earn body armor and security product credit.”

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