Croatia Develops New Research Consortium with IISEIE to Help Drive Economic Growth Within the ICT Sector

The International Institute for Software Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Inc. (IISEIE) joins government and Academia to form the Croatian Research Consortium.

Varazdin, Croatia, January 30, 2010 --( The Croatian Research Consortium will focus on bringing together industry, academia and government research communities to conduct research and make recommendations on the development and growth of the local software economy. Research in ICT will assist with job production and drive economic growth in Croatia.

The Consortium will provide an opportunity for IISEIE, consortium members and the broader research community to undertake research into economic activity generated through the creation and development of information and communication technology (ICT) industries with an emphasis on local software economies.

Using this research, Consortium members will recommend best industry practices, including policy and programmes, in an effort to support the sustainable growth of Croatia’s local software and digital economy.

IISEIE CEO Malcolm Fraser said that the Consortium will produce outcomes that will lead to growth within the local economy by creating a vibrant and sustainable software industry.

“Based on the research and benchmarking outputs, the Consortium will recommend various programmes that are designed to identify and support exporting opportunities as well as addressing issues in the local market such as skilled training, demand generation and collaboration across all relevant parties in the ICT industry.”

Marko Drenovacki, Director Microsoft Innovation Center Varazdin, noted that there is a great need for joint research between the ICT industry, Government and academia.

“With the formation of the Consortium and a high level of collaboration across a number of parties, Croatia will benefit from knowing where we are and where we need to be as we enter the decade of digital technology.”

Malcolm Fraser
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