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Norfolk, United Kingdom, March 08, 2010 --( PureTravel is pleased to announce the launch of a new website section that features cruise tours and holidays to Antarctica which are supplied direct from tour operators based in Argentina. These cruises offer even the most jaded of travelers something new, a tour into Earth’s last land-based frontier.

Antarctica is a visually stunning landscape. Seemingly endless frozen ice shelves make up a terrain broken by towering mountain ranges. Only one percent of Antarctica escapes this icy coverage which contains around seventy percent of Earth’s fresh water source. From its highest point at 4,897 meters at the top of Vinson Massif, to the bottom of Bentley Sub-glacial Trench (whose bottom has yet to be reached), there is something missing: humanity.

Antarctica is the last uninhabited continent on the planet. Scientists temporarily set up base here to study and work, but nowhere is there a true resident of Antarctica. The wide open white spaces give visitors to this polar region a new perspective on life. Many leave feeling the enormity of nature and the insignificance of their own mortality.

The lack of human inhabitants has had a wonderful affect on the animal inhabitants of this region (from a tourist’s point of view), they are not afraid of people. This makes it easy for visitors to get up close to take stunning photographs to keep as mementos for their arctic journey. The most famous of these animals is the penguin. This flightless water bird thrives on the cold packed ice of the Antarctic continent, which holds several different breeds of penguin.

Those planning a cruise to Antarctica are advised to pack plenty of warm clothes, as this continent is the coldest on our planet. The height of summer finds the temperature barely above minus thirty degrees centigrade and the lowest recorded temperature from anywhere, anytime, comes from the Antarctic winter. On July 21st 1983, the Russian base on the Southern Geomagnetic Pole recorded a startling minus eighty nine point two degress centigrade.

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