Capital Corp Merchant Banking Has Updated Their Funding Application Process for Brokers and Clients Alike

In an effort to continue the streamlining of the funding application process, Capital Corp Merchant Banking has put forth a step by step guide for Brokers and Clients.

Orlando, FL, January 31, 2010 --( Capital Corp Merchant Banking, a global firm specializing in international project financing, has been through the expertise of its Founder and President Gilles Herard Jr involved in the Funding of Projects for several years now. Over the years, Capital Corp Merchant Banking has routinely received thousands of “Packages” or “Funding Requests” describing the details of potential projects.

In that Capital Corp Merchant Banking receives the majority of its business from Banking Consultants, Brokers and Professional Introducers from varying backgrounds and expertise; they configured the step by step guide to simplify and modernize the initial funding application process.

Capital Corp Merchant Banking is also contacted directly by many promoters or clients of their projects given not only the power of the Internet making information readably available but by word of mouth as well.

Given the different methodologies of Brokers and Clients looking to establish contact with Capital Corp Merchant Banking for their funding requests, Capital Corp Merchant Banking has posted the step by step guides for each on their Info/Funding web site,

Once you are at the Info/Funding web site of Capital Corp Merchant Banking, one can easily click the Information for Brokers and/or Information for Clients to access the appropriate guide for your individual needs.

Additionally, this site also carries wealth of information about Capital Corp Merchant Banking and their policies and procedures.

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Further details to Mr. Gilles Herard Jr can be found at his personal website

Capital Corp Merchant Banking is part of a Group that was formed 25 years ago to meet the growing needs of Companies / Clients and Promoters looking for Funding and Professional Assistance in a diversity of Projects.

On the premise that a single firm can combine Funding and Professional Consultation, Capital Corp Merchant Banking can stimulate optimal performance for its clients. Since then, Capital Corp's success has come from its culture, which strives to foster the same values that help any business succeed: Hard Work, Common Sense and Integrity.

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