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Earth and garden are poised to become a world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sale of 100% organic and environmentally friendly agricultural, horticultural and floricultural products.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 25, 2006 --( Earth & Garden have acquired an exclusive formula for the production of both EcoGrow, a 100% organic and environmentally friendly soil substitute, complete growing medium, and Mighty Mulch, a 100% organic and environmentally friendly garden mulch mix. The products are suitable for all horticultural, agricultural and floricultural applications.

Darran Hodges, Sales & Marketing Director of Earth & Garden Sdn Bhd said, “Earth & Garden products will have the benefits of licensed and patented technology, which uses the waste products of palm oil production and other inert fibres from agricultural refining producing a complete growing medium suitable for all agricultural, horticultural and floricultural applications.” He also stated that “Earth & Garden will acquire two palm oil plantations for the purpose of establishing environmentally friendly palm oil nurseries. Our palm oil seedlings will be cultivated until ready for transfer to other plantations.”

With excitement, he added, “The advantage of having our own palm oil plantations means Earth & Garden has the ability to use our own 100% organic waste material for production of Earth & Garden products, which in turn can be used for our own palm oil nurseries as well as supplying other palm oil nurseries and plantations.”

Judy McCluskey, Admin, PR & Communications Director of Earth & Garden Sdn Bhd gave an overview of the company’s objectives. She said, “Earth & Garden will establish a new industry within Malaysia to exploit palm oil waste products together with the abundant peat resources. We will also assist in eradicating the waste and environmental problems associated with the by-products of the palm oil industry in Malaysia.” In addition, she added that “Earth & Garden will generate an extensive export market for the benefit of Malaysia and will generate employment and business opportunities for Malaysians.”

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