Consumerdaddy Announces Enhanced Consumer Protection Services in India

Chennai, India, February 01, 2010 --( website officials today announced that it has finished cataloging all major consumer products in India. With an online library focused on a wide range of consumer related topics such as consumer rights, consumer reports, consumer reviews, consumer courts, consumer law, consumer complaints, and consumer NGOs, and services ranging from the ability to file a consumer review, lodge a consumer complaint or browse a consumer report to make an informed buying decision, Consumerdaddy is poised to be the largest such online information exchange in the Indian market place today. Strategic alliances with Non Governmental Agencies will enable Consumerdaddy to be the de facto medium for online alternate disputes resolution between consumer companies and Indian consumers., a leading consumer protection portal in India, stated the deployment online of a wide range of information and tools helpful for consumers who have complaints with products and companies in the Indian market place. A private venture by a group of non-resident Indians, Consumerdaddy is currently India’s largest online consumer reporting database with consumer reports of 40,000 companies and 200,000 products. Consumers will find that information gathered from the consumer reports on the site is fully augmented with the resources and tools for decision making and / or dispute resolution as the case may be.

Often consumers in India find themselves at the receiving end of corporate fraud and defective products. Consumer information is dispersed through multiple mediums and in the process do little besides confuse citizens trying to avail consumer protection information. Consumerdaddy tries to alleviate this problem through its website primarily by ensuring that the consumer laws are understandable by common citizens through an uncomplicated interpretation of the consumer protection act 1986.

Although the consumer protection act of 1986 is a fairly straightforward legislation, the enforcement of this legislation has never been a complete success. Consumers have very little resources online on how to file a consumer complaint in a consumer court. Consumerdaddy has strived to ease this process on its website by publishing a step by step explanation on how a consumer complaint can be filed.

Several relevant articles give focus on the rights of consumers in India. Consumer rights as defined in Indian legislation has been elaborated in articles, blogs and information snippets. An adapted version of a true story of a housewife being duped by an unscrupulous vendor has also been portrayed to highlight the true plight of the Indian consumers and in particular the dangers of purchasing products and services from a company based on sales pitches and advertisements. You can read this humorous article from the home page of the website.

The information on the website is not merely focused on the legislative matters, but also on mechanisms by which consumer complaints can be effectively resolved. The website provides a list of all relevant addresses in the state and national level consumer court system. Another effective complaint resolution mechanism in India and a vital dimension of consumer protection is the existence of effective Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO) who can help consumers settle their complaints through alternative dispute redressal mediums. Consumerdaddy has provided a list of major consumer NGO outfits in the country for the reference of the consumer.

Overall Consumerdaddy is poised to be a one stop shop for consumers who are looking for consumer protection information or consumer reports for making informed buying decisions. For more articles, data, and statistics on consumer protection and to browse our consumer reports, please visit

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