Adia Diamonds Raising the Standard for Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Technology is putting some new sparkle in the world of diamonds. Until recently, naturally occurring, mined diamonds were relatively unchallenged in their quality and desirability. But now laboratory-created diamonds, which possess the same properties as naturals are poised to give them a run for their money.

Battle Creek, MI, October 25, 2006 --( Adia Diamonds, a joint venture between Michigan-based Pearlman’s Jewelers and Ontario-based Advanced Optical Technologies Corporation (AOTC), has become the first company to offer laboratory-grown fancy blue and colorless diamonds for the luxury jewelry market.

Adia diamonds are created using a technologically advanced process that replicates the conditions in which naturally occurring diamonds are formed.

“Adia diamonds are superior in quality and size to any lab-created diamonds on the market today,” said, 30 year industry veteran Bill Pearlman, president of Pearlman’s Jewelers. “In fact, other than not coming out of a mine, they’re identical to natural diamonds in every way.” Except in price. Laboratory-created Adia diamonds cost a fraction of the price of natural colored stones.

Not only are Adia diamonds physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds but they are rare and unique, no two Adia diamonds are the same. Each one is hand-cut in Antwerp, Belgium, to the highest quality standards and includes a gem report issued by EGL USA. Every Adia diamond is laser-engraved with a unique report number and the words “AOTC Created” insuring full disclosure.

Beyond the beauty of the diamond itself, all Adia diamonds are origin-guaranteed and, therefore, absolutely conflict-free. Their production has virtually no impact on the environment unlike all diamond mining practices. This makes Adia diamonds particularly appealing to those who are looking for an environmentally friendly choice in diamonds.

"It's wonderful to see science and technology blend in a socially conscious way to express beauty,” said Claudia Kretchmer, of New York’s Steven Kretchmer Designs. “These diamonds are the perfect choice for designs that are forward-thinking."

Adia creates fancy blue and colorless diamonds up to one carat in size, with plans to announce larger stones in the near future. In addition, the company offers an impressive inventory of fancy yellow diamonds up to two carats in size. No other lab-grown producer can currently match these sizes, colors and shapes.

So confident in these gems, Adia offers a lifetime buy-back, lifetime trade-up and a 14-day money back return guarantee for its customers.

Adia diamonds may be purchased directly through the company’s website at For more information, contact Bill Pearlman at 888-811-1529,

Adia Diamonds
Bill Pearlman