Skin Care Goes Deep: The Skincare Way to Deep Cleaning

Skincare News Magazine shows readers how their skin care routine can improve with deep cleaning.

Sacramento, CA, October 25, 2006 --( Skin care usually involves the age-old steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, but how much effort is put into each step? When it comes to deep cleaning your face, this first and most important step is often attempted half-heartedly, which can show results on your skin.’s latest article, “Let’s Deep Clean!” allows readers the opportunity to be informed of just how essential having a clean face is. 

The article starts out tough, explaining all the harm people do to their skin everyday as a result of not thoroughly cleansing their skin: 

Think about it. We spend hundreds of dollars on special potions and serums only to apply them over congested pores, make up and product residue not to mention layers and layers of dead skin cells. That’s like putting medicine on top of the band-aid. For optimal absorbency we need to prime the way for penetration of product. 

Daily exfoliation is one main step towards truly clean skin, but sometimes bigger and more effective treatments need to be thrown into skincare routines from time to time: 

Even when we think our face is squeaky clean, more than likely that's not the case. Daily exfoliating products are fabulous, but it takes better ammunition than that from time to time. Bi-weekly, weekly or monthly mechanical and/or chemical cleanings are mandatory for an effective, infusible, and assiduous skin. 

If making that extra step to include deep cleaning seems like another time-consuming matter, think again…it might be easier than you think: 

Deep cleaning does not have to be an in-office treatment. You may do it yourself at home for a fraction of the cost. Many fabulous products are yours for the taking. They are very effective and most are user-friendly. Take a look at "in-home" or "over the counter" exfoliants, masks, and peels that are physician or cosmeceutical strength. Most of these items are very affordable and conveniently available online and you can usually expect to receive your products in less time than it would take to get an appointment at a medical spa or dermatology office. 

According to skin care expert, Karen Feinberg, taking the time to do a deep cleaning will be a benefit in the long run. “Not only will developing a deep cleaning regimen make sure your face is really clean, but when you put on makeup or use other skin care products, they’ll work even better because they’re not being hindered by layers of unclean, dead skin. It’s a win-win situation.”                                                                       covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles that also mention ethnicity and skincare:

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