MLS Listings Are Displayed Directly Onto Realtor Stephanie Smith's Website with the Addition of Custom IDX Broker

IDX Broker uses its custom IDX solution to speed up and simplify the online real estate search process, saving consumers time and hassle.

Eugene, OR, February 03, 2010 --( Stephanie Smith with Ingenuity Realty has chosen to employ IDX, Inc. to supply her website visitors with a sense of ease and efficiency during their online property search, by incorporating the highly customizable IDX Broker software into the search function of her site. Home seekers in San Diego, California and its surrounding areas will now have access to thousands of the most current and up-to-date property listings and details on the market, and all within the confines of Smith's own personal website, with the way IDX Broker takes raw data from the San Diego Regional MLS (Sandicor), and formats it to be viewed as a seamless integration.

Comprehensive and unique search categories enable home seekers to create a personalized and custom online real estate search, aiding to narrow their results, in efforts to find their truly ideal property. An advanced search option allows prospective home buyers to search even the finest of details, including: scenery, pool, exterior, appliances, number of rooms, roof type, flooring, view, driveway, school district, neighborhood, landscaping, garage and even locating their chosen property on and interactive Google Map. Clients can then save their specified search criteria and opt to receive automatic email updates, coming directly from Sandicor, the moment a property matching their specifications becomes available.

Via an administrative login page, Smith has access to lead management tools, informing her of her website visitors saved search criteria, aiding her to develop a more personalized search experience for each individual, which is often lost when dealing with real estate online. It is here that she is not only able to edit her custom CSS and global wrappers, initiating a sense of unique branding throughout each page of her site, but she also has the capabilities to view traffic reports, detailing which pages and listings on her site are most popular, and are being viewed most frequently. Each of these resources help Smith to manage her online real estate business more efficiently.

About Stephanie Smith
Residing in San Diego, California, Stephanie Smith is a successful realtor and an active member of the Ingenuity Realty team. She prides herself on being a trustworthy, honest and hard-working real estate professional, in a competitive and ever changing market, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that her clients to find the home of their dreams, in the most time efficient manner possible.

About IDX, Inc.
Based in Eugene, Oregon, IDX Inc. is nationally known as a leading provider of real estate search applications. IDX, Inc. actively manages over $1 trillion worth of active listings data from over 340 Multiple Listings Services (MLS). IDX Broker is IDX, Inc.’s principle real estate software utility and myAgent IDX is its principle mobile application available for the iPhone. The easy to manage and customizable software helps real estate professionals display home listing data from their multiple listing service (MLS) on their individual and/or office websites. For more information on all the services provided by IDX, Inc. please visit

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