Johnie-Lift, LLC Introduces New Low-Cost Sanitary Device That Reduces the Spread of Germs

Johnie-Lift, LLC, a family-owned manufacturer/distributor, has introduced a new, decorative toilet seat handle that attaches instantly and provides a more sanitary way to raise and lower the seat, eliminating any direct contact.

Thousand Oaks, CA, February 03, 2010 --( Johnie-Lift, a decorative toilet seat handle, provides the user a more sanitary way to raise and lower the seat, eliminating any direct contact.

The decorative handle is instantly applied to the bottom of the seat on either the right or left side without the need for glues or screws. Consumers merely remove the protective tape from the handle and press it into place on the bottom of the seat.

Consumers can reduce the spread of germs found in bathrooms by eliminating direct contact with the toilet seat during daily use and periodic cleaning.

Paul Doyle, President of Johnie-Lift said, "We have always felt that toilet seats should have had been designed with handles and our product corrects that problem.”

“We knew that the product had to be decorative in order to blend in with today’s bathrooms, be easy to install, and yet be functional.” “Our patent-pending design accomplishes all of that” said Doyle.

“With healthcare on many American’s minds, prevention programs are becoming more important. “Simple steps, such as frequent hand-washing, by themselves, may not make a big difference, but taken together with other personal hygiene practices, will greatly reduce germ-related illnesses.” “The Johnie-Lift handle is just one of many low-cost and simple parts of a complete prevention program” continued Doyle.

The Johnie-Lift is intended for all households, hotels, and hospitals. The product will retail for $2.95 and is expected to be available soon in many stores. Corporate sales are now available for hotel chains and hospitals.

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