Green Collar Association Research Director Says Copenhagen a Success

Green Collar Association’s January newsletter features an article by Director of Research and Communications, Dr. Michael O. Dayan, explaining his optimism about the climate conference in Copenhagen.

Washington, DC, February 03, 2010 --( The January issue of the Green Collar Association monthly newsletter features a lead article by Director of Research and Communications, Dr. Michael O. Dayan, explaining his optimism about the climate conference in Copenhagen.

Every month Green Collar Association brings its members insight into the growth of green collar jobs from North America’s leading experts in business, journalism, education, technology, non-profit, and politics. Recent lead articles in the Green Collar Association newsletter include exclusive pieces by Michael Ignatieff, Harvard Scholar and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and Andrea Buffa of the Apollo Alliance.

This month, Dayan reiterates his position that best hopes coming out of the conference would be a strong interim agreement versus a full and final negotiated settlement. In his piece Dayan shares his views on the momentum building among people, companies, and educators and his belief that is will not be long before governments follow their lead. “In Copenhagen I observed first-hand that people everywhere—through the everyday choices they make, though their scholarly pursuits, and with the products and services they choose—are making necessary changes. When the people call for it, governments will follow.”

This month’s newsletter also contains a piece outlining the Green Workforce Preparedness Initiative, which was presented at COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen by Green Collar Association executive officers. The Green Workforce Preparedness Initiative is Green Collar Association’s proposal for the Federal government to provide targeted financial and regulatory incentives to corporations, labor unions, and non profits that invest in the (re)training and education of skilled workers and professionals to equip them with the skills and tools to address the requirements of a green economy.

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