For Valentine's Day This Year, a Guide to Finding That Special... Employer

Leading career tools site Quintessential Careers offers job-seekers topical advice in applying the lessons of finding a new relationship to obtaining a new job.

DeLand, FL, February 02, 2010 --( Valentine's Day is about love and romance, passion and commitment, so how can job-seekers searching for work take these lessons to heart and apply them to the job search?

"Dating and job-hunting have many parallels," states Dr. Randall S. Hansen, founder and publisher of Quintessential Careers (, one of the Web's leading career tools sites. "Both dating and job-hunting focus on finding the right match, meeting with strangers who are potential matches, and eventually making a long-term commitment."

In Hansen's latest article published on the site, Job-Hunting's Parallels with Dating: Steps on How to Find Your Next Successful Employer Relationship (URL:, he describes the three major steps that guide both dating and job-hunting.

The first step, Hansen says, is researching prospects and finding the perfect match. Just as with dating, a job-seeker should focus on finding a job with an employer that is a good fit for both parties.

"Your job-search goal should focus on uncovering the best job opportunities with organizations that have values that match yours. Do not haphazardly apply to job openings or apply to random job leads. Instead, take proactive steps in uncovering job leads that fit you," Hansen states.

The second step is succeeding in building interest and a connection with the other person(s). Just as with dating, the more you know about your prospective employer, the better you can position yourself as the ideal job-seeker for the job. This step involves researching the employer and creating interest through a tailored resume and cover letter that leads to an interview. "Building a connection with the employer and hiring manager starts with the cover letter and resume, but continues through the job interview," Hansen says.

The third step is agreeing to be together and making the long-term commitment. "When all the interviews are over, and the employer is ready to make a commitment to the relationship by making a job offer, you must be prepared to make a decision about what you want," Hansen states.
The complete article offers job-seekers proven techniques for achieving job-search success, including how to uncover solid job leads, research employers, prepare dynamic cover letters and resumes, succeed in the interview, and negotiate a job offer.

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