Asia-Pacific to Drive Global Mobile TV Market

Asia-Pacific region is expected to account for around 67% of the global mobile TV subscribers by the end of 2013, says a new research report from RNCOS.

Noida, India, February 04, 2010 --( Mobile TV is television service delivered to subscribers via mobile telecommunications networks, such as the mobile phone carriers. It allows viewers to enjoy personalized, interactive TV with content specifically adapted to the mobile medium. The services and viewing experience of mobile TV differs in a number of ways from traditional TV viewing as it offers true mobility to cellular users. In addition to mobility, mobile TV delivers a variety of services, including video-on-demand, traditional/linear and live TV programs. As per our research report "Global Mobile TV Forecast to 2013", the number of mobile TV subscribers are projected to grow at a CAGR of over 45% between 2009 and 2013 to reach around 450 Million by end-2013.

Their team of experts have carried out in-depth study of the global mobile TV market, including detailed analysis on the key geographical regions of the world like Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. After analyzing the present and future market trends, their study predicts that Asia-Pacific region will dominate the global mobile TV market, constituting around 67% of the subscriber base by end-2013. They have highlighted and prudently evaluated various factors that will make the region the fastest growing CCTV market in the world.

Their research report also identifies various countries in the region that will play an important role in driving the future growth of the mobile TV market in the Asia-Pacific region. Various countries that they have covered in their research include Japan, South Korea, China, India, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Their research provides comprehensive country-level analysis by studying the future market trends in each country.

"Global Mobile TV Forecast to 2013" studies the global mobile TV market by segmenting it into various subsections i.e. subscribers, technology, business models and regional segmentation. Besides this, the report also offers an insight into various opportunities that are emerging in the flourishing mobile TV market, coupled with factors, which are critical for the future growth. The report aims at helping clients in understanding the current and future trends and developments in the global mobile TV market.

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