Natural Health News from the Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution Details Breakthroughs

The Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution gives its readers access to the latest trends, debates and studies from the field of natural health. With regular updates personally written by Dr. Mike Van Thielen, the website provides visitors with an insider’s perspective on the industry.

Toronto, ON, Canada, February 04, 2010 --( The Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution is updated with breaking natural health news. Its newest articles continue Dr. Mike Van Thielen’s ongoing effort to demystify his industry by offering a professional viewpoint on the leading trends, studies and debates from the wellness industry.

The natural health news at the Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution gives readers information on popular subject matter, covering topics such as sensible weight loss, nutritional supplements, anti-aging techniques and more. Dr. Mike has recently written new pieces that look at the health benefits of onions, advice for arthritis relief and an expert opinion on the merits of the current trend of celebrity colon cleanses.

The most recent additions to the Dr. Mike Wellness Revolution represent the site’s goal of offering a reliable source for natural health news and advice.

Dr. Mike Van Thielen is a licensed physical therapist, acupuncture physician and doctor of Oriental medicine and is certified in homeopathy, homotoxicology, injection therapy, Chinese herbal medicine and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a member of the Medical Advisory Board for Elite AMBT (a leading cosmetic medicine and business training service) and is a noted public speaker.

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