Earth & Garden Launches EcoGrow, the 100% Organic and Environmentally Friendly Soil Substitute

EcoGrow is being viewed as the ultimate 100% organic and environmentally friendly soil substitute available on the global market today. It is derived by mixing to a formula, the major by-products of palm oil milling which include the palm oil fruit bunch and mill mud together with other organic ingredients and it can be used for agricultural, horticultural and floricultural applications.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 26, 2006 --( Earth & Garden of Malaysia today announced the launch of their first 100% organic and environmentally friendly product, EcoGrow which is suitable for agricultural, horticultural and floricultural applications.

Judy McCluskey, Admin, Pr & Communications Director of Earth & Garden Sdn Bhd quotes that “EcoGrow as a potential phenomenon may be likened to the introduction of bottled water products into the world market more than 10 years ago. No one could have predicted then the extent of market demand for water in a bottle nor could they have predicted that it would be more expensive per litre than gasoline and other fuel products in the global market today”

Earth and Garden Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur, is committed to only 100% organic and friendly products such as EcoGrow, a 100% organic and environmentally friendly growing medium that was produced in nature’s laboratories.

The late Dr Dean Mikesell PhD, a specialist consultant and advisor during the research on the core product, said that “with my knowledge of what products are commonly available in the market, this is one of the best available in the world for general agricultural and horticultural use”.

EcoGrow can be used alone or to enhance existing soils and yields better growth rates and stronger, healthier crops and therefore healthier profits.
It is almost neutral in pH and has great moisture retention properties, reducing crop maintenance costs by retaining up to 80% moisture.

EcoGrow will also act as a useful environmentally friendly commercial product and will enhance and add value to all agricultural, horticultural and floricultural processes and pursuits. It is completely safe to transfer across borders because of pasteurization during processing and there will be no harmful residue left after the life of this eco friendly product.

Darran Hodges, Sales & Marketing Director of Earth & Garden Sdn Bhd claims that “Once organic growers use EcoGrow they will not want to use anything else and we are confident that EcoGrow will become a global brand within the next 3 years”

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